Jarina Kühn: Successful proposal defense in the BIGSSS

On June 09, 2020, Jarina Kühn successfully defended her PhD proposal in the BIGSSS. As a PhD student at the Bremen International Graduate School for Social Sciences (BIGSSS) she has thus passed an important milestone.

Jarina Kühn is a research associate in the joint project Mod-Block-GDR. In her dissertation she deals with the different entrepreneurial identities of people from East and West Germany, which are assumed to still persist today. In her project she investigates the question of whether a socialisation in the GDR (or FRG vice versa) has an influence on the founding behaviour after the system break. Start-ups represent an essential factor for the economic development in the New Länder, but are not only influenced by purely economic considerations of the founders, but also by their psychological constitution in terms of entrepreneurial identity. At this interdisciplinary interface and in close cooperation with the Europa Universität Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder (Prof. Dr. Anna Schwarz) - partner in the project Mod-Block-GDR - Jarina Kühn's PhD project will provide new empirical findings.

BIGSSS is an international graduate school jointly run by the University of Bremen and Jacobs University in Bremen. It is one of the leading international graduate schools in the field of empirical social science research in Germany. Since 2019, Jutta Günther is a faculty member of BIGSSS.

Jarina Kühn