Jarina Kühn and Mareike zum Felde present at conference "Transformation Research: Poland and East Germany in Comparison".

From 22nd September to 25th September 2021, the ZIP (Center for International Polish Studies) of the EUV and the in the European Solidarność Center (ECS) in Gdansk organized the joint conference titled "Transformation Research: Poland and East Germany in Comparison" on the transformation experiences of Germany and Poland aiming at a comparison of the two [link to conference report]. Participants were PhD students as well as experienced researchers from Poland and Germany. The program was bilingually constructed and translated simultaneously. A scientific anthology of the conference will be published in early 2022.

Jarina Kühn and Mareike zum Felde presented papers in the sessions Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Circulation. Jarina Kühn presented first research results in her presentation: "Entrepreneurship in the Transformation Phase and its Influence on Entrepreneurial Identities in East Germany" and Mareike zum Felde gave insights into her analytical steps in her presentation titled "Parliamentary Debates on Higher Education Policy in Poland after 1989".