Mod-Block-DDR starts online colloquium

As a result of the restrictions due to Covid-19, the research consortium Mod-Block-DDR also has no possibility to hold regular working and consortium meetings with physical presence. We regret this very much, but would like to use the benefits of technical progress to maintain scientific exchange within the consortium despite the difficult circumstances.

The Bremen team (consortium leadership) has therefore taken the initiative, also at the request of the partners, and has set up an online colloquium. This will give all scientists and cooperation partners involved in Mod-Block-DDR the opportunity to present their research results and work-in-progress in short formats and to discuss them with the entire team. The meetings will be compact and last a maximum of 60 minutes with rotating moderation by the members of the consortium.

The online colloquium will kick off on 28 May 2020, and will be held on Tuesdays in 14-day intervals from then on. We look forward to the exchange and wish all participants a productive cooperation and many creative ideas.

Contact: Jarina Kühn and Mariia Shkolnykova

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