MDR-Podcast on the German Economic and Monetary Union in 1990

Mod-Block-DDR organised a panel discussion on economic and monetary union at the occasion of the 30-year anniversary of German unity. Participants and experts in economic transformation discussed successes achieved, mistakes made and useful lessons learned. The moderator Ine Dippmann (MDR) has now published a concise and entertaining radio report that was broadcast on MDR's news radio on 14.12.2020 and is permanently available.

We warmly recommend this podcast, especially to listeners who find the more than one-hour discussion too lengthy. It captures the voices of Christa Luft, Johannes Ludewig, Rudolf Hickel and Udo Ludwig in a representative way. The lively and controversial discussion is brought to the point. All this is commentated by music from the late 1980s and early 1990s and thus enriched with the former atmosphere and further perspectives.

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MDR Podcast "Jahre nach dem Umbruch im Osten"