Cooperation project: "Lack of structural change in Russia's monocities"

As part of the Mod-Block-DDR joint project, the Department of Economics at the University of Bremen has established a new professorship for Economics, especially Institutional Change, from its own funds. The holder of the professorship, Prof. Dr. Michael Rochlitz, complements the research work of the joint project with his research work, resulting in additional synergy effects and providing additional support for the structure building intended with the joint project.

Research question and approach

After the Second World War, the economic structure of Poland, the GDR, and Czechoslovakia was strongly influenced by the economic model of the Soviet Union. At the same time, the Russian Federation in particular is struggling today with a number of problems that are very similar to those of the countries examined by the joint project, especially with regard to the lack of connection between science and industry (although the authoritarian political system in Russia often exacerbates these problems).

With this in mind, a focus on Russia in a complementary sub-project of the joint project will generate valuable synergy effects and contribute to an understanding of the modernization blockades with which all these countries are still confronted today.

The supplementary subproject focuses on the problem of the lack of structural change in Russia's monocities and on the incentive structures of the actors involved. The project, entitled "Missing Structural Change in Russia's Monocities", will be empirically oriented and will be based on three different data sources: quantitative, qualitative and experimental data. A close cooperation with scientific cooperation partners in Russia is envisioned.

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