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How do I keep mentally fit?

It doesn’t matter whether you are at university, school, work, or at home. A situation can quickly develop where you realize you have too many things on your mind and sometimes have to take a break.

It is precisely for these situations that we would like to flag up some ways of clearing your head. Here are some of the services offered by the Occupational Health Management Unit of the University of Bremen, and also the TK health insurance company. You will find the Techniker Krankenkasse on this page. 

Why not take a couple of minutes to have a look and find some inspiration to help you regain a clear head in the future?

A great break from studying

Joggling is a great option for taking a study break and relaxing before exams. Getting a clear head is easy with this combination of skill and stamina, rhythm and movement, effortlessness and concentration, sport and fun. Once you’ve joggled the first few meters, you’ll soon get into the flow.

A contribution by Verein für Hochschulsport (VfH) e.V.

What you need to know about headaches

70% of the working population in Germany regularly experience headaches, with 900,000 people suffering migraine attacks daily. Migraines and tension headaches hinder work and represent an enormous burden, which can also be accompanied by concomitant conditions such as symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders. However, it is possible to combat the triggers of headaches if you understand how they work.

The headache prevention campaign for staff and students at the University of Bremen includes various prevention concepts tailored to you and with the aid of which you can effectively prevent headaches.

For example, you can choose between two information portals (students or staff) offering you access to sound scientific information, or download the Headache Hurts  app, which is a certified medical device.

You can find the prevention campaign here. (in German)

A contribution by Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement der Universität Bremen

Mental health

Mental health

The University of Bremen’s new mental health website offers a wide range of information and tools that you can utilize to improve your mental health

and permanently boost your performance. For example, you can find several tools for stress management or participate in one of the six motivation workshops on topics such as how to constructively master conflict situations, focused working, and strategies for more

gratitude in life. Even once the workshops have been held, the Occupational Health Management (WHM) team makes all the relevant information available to you. You can find further information and useful tools for the respective workshop topics on the “Improve your mental health” page.

You can find the mental health page here.

You can find the Improve your mental health page here.


"Mindfulness" - Den Moment achten, ohne zu bewerten

Mindfulness is more than just a buzzword. It helps us to slow our everyday life down, reduce stress, and live in the here and now – and that not just physically but also mentally. That’s not a normal state for most people. Many people are stuck thinking in the past, preoccupied with worries, or contemplating the future. This manner of thinking is usually accompanied by the hope that a state of satisfaction will occur at some point.  A mindful person, in contrast, is aware of the moment without overanalyzing it.

We show you what is behind the concept, how it can improve our quality of life, and guide you through different meditative exercises for conscious perception of your body and soul.

Start the course here.

A contribution by TK - Die Techniker

Body Scan

Body scan – a journey through the human body

The body scan is a mindfulness exercise from yoga and meditation in which you tune in to all the different regions of your body and welcome the sensations that develop with an alert, interested, and accepting inner attitude – regardless of whether you consider them positive or negative.

This method is ideal for training body awareness, maintaining focus, and improving concentration. It’s also really easy to do – enjoy relaxing!

Click here for learn more.

A contribution of TK - Die Techniker

Progressive Muskelentspannung

Progressive muscle relaxation

In some situations, you simply don’t know what to do: your heart races, your blood pressure rises, you break out in a sweat, and experience feelings of concern, hopelessness, or even pain. Whatever the cause of these stressful or painful situations, there is an immediate remedy that everyone can implement at home: Jacobson’s progressive muscle relaxation, one of the most well-known and effective relaxation methods around.

You will learn how to tense specific groups of muscles, feel them intensively, and then intentionally relax them again. Training your feeling for the contrast between tension and relaxation will also teach you to become more aware of when your muscles are tense due to stress.

Improve your mental well-being and your ability to relax with this method. Let's go!

A contribution by TK - die Techniker


Asanas – breathing – meditation: the positive power of yoga

Tempting for all ages: yoga doesn’t just give you a flexible body, it also leaves you calm and confident, boosts your mental strength and inner tranquility, reduces stress and anxiety, and releases energies. It was developed thousands of years ago in India as a spiritual exercise and incorporates the body, mind, and soul. In addition to relaxation, yoga also improves functions in the body through targeted stimulation of individual organs.  It can boost your immune system, encourage healing processes, relieve pain, and have a positive effect on your nervous and digestive systems.

Anyone who would like to try it out is welcome to with the TK’s online yoga course. Ten different workouts to join in with in real time.  Give it a go!  

A contribution by TK - Die Techniker