Photo of Dr. Julian Decius
picture Steffani Haupt


WIWI 1 Building, Room A2320
Phone: +49 (0)421 218-66751
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Office hours can be found here.

Research Asisstants

Photo Annelie Lorber

Annelie Lorber, M. Sc.

Research Assistant

PhD Student

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Photo of Hannah Krüger

Hannah Louisa Krüger, M. Sc.

Research Assistant

PhD Student

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Student Assistants

Julian Evers
photo Nicola Martin
Maleen Schubert

Maleen Schubert

Student Assistant

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Bild Antonia Karras

Antonia Karras

Student assistant

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Avelina Rieger

Student assistant

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Michelle Zang

Michelle Zang

Student assistant

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