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Institute for the Study of Religion and Related Didactics

The Institute for the Study of Religion and Related Didactics encompasses four work areas, each one covering research and teaching on specific topics. All four areas are involved in the training of our students, so that the various focal points are interlinked both in teaching and in day-to-day activities. The general profile and the profiles of the individual work fields are presented here.

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    This peer-reviewed online journal aims to create and promote a platform for scientific discussions of video games. The aim is to explore both established approaches and new frontiers of research into video games in culture, religion and society.

    ISSN 2364-382X



    In this monographic series we publish the results of particularly outstanding students' theses, series of lectures, reports on research projects and other contributions from members of the institute.

    Print: ISSN 2199-7535
    Online: ISSN 2199-5397


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    Member's publications

    Here you will find publications authored by members of the Institute. They are sorted according to the year of publication and thus provide an insight into current research outputs.

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    Here you will find references to papers presented by Institute members at various conferences and lecture series over the past few years.




    Prof. Dr. Gritt Klinkhammer
    Sportturm C6230
    Tel. (0421) 218-67920
    E-Mail: klinkhammerprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de


    Anja Kamrath
    Sportturm, C 6110
    Tel. (0421) 218 679 01
    E-Mail: akamrathprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

    Office hours Monday to Friday from 10 am  - 12pm.

    Susanne Fliss
    Sportturm, C 6120
    Tel. (0421)218-67900
    E-Mail: flissprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

    Office hours Monday to Friday from 10 am  - 12pm.

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    Religionswissenschaft / Religionspädagogik
    Sportturm (SpT)
    Postfach 330 440
    28334 Bremen


    Religionswissenschaft / Religionspädagogik
    Sportturm (SpT)
    Universitäts-Boulevard 18
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