Globus mit Fokus auf Europa
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Whether you are an outgoing student or an incoming guest - studying abroad has proven an invaluable experience for generations of students, one that reaches far beyond the academic. You will experience a different university, its experts and the subjects they teach. Consequently, you will gain insight into studying and living in another country, meet new people and learn or improve on your language skills. And with ERASMUS and other international programmes, going abroad or coming to Bremen is as easy as can be.  

We cordially invite foreign students to come to Bremen and welcome you at the Institute of Religious Studies. Our B.A.-programme in religious studies is highly diverse and covers a comprehensive range of subjects and methods.

As the B.A. courses are taught in German, an advanced command is compulsory. Many courses, however, comprise a vast amount of English reading, the teachers are proficient and student assignments may be executed in English as well.

For further information (rules and regulations etc.), please visit the page of the University of Bremen International Office (see link to the right).

Basic information for incoming students:

Our study program follows the globally applied B.A.-/M.A.-system. It is built of modules (Module) which comprise individual numbers of lectures (Vorlesungen) and/or courses (Seminare). In our charts (Modulhandbücher) these are simply abbreviated with their work load – “2 SWS” without further explanation (see chart below). As incoming student you can choose from the individual courses and do not need to study and finish whole modules. That would require you to stay for more than one semester for most of the modules.

As a general rule, the following credits are granted:


(one session of two hours weekly, i.e. “2 SWS” or two “Semesterwochenstunden”)

3 CP

(active attendance, preparation and assignments)


+ “kleine Prüfungsleistung” for a study grade (e.g. essay, portfolio or other – see individual course description or contact the teacher; no extra CP)

+ 3 CP

“große Prüfungsleistung” (e.g. paper of 12-15 pages, marked,)

[i.e. 3 or 6 CP respectively for one Seminar]

Lecture (2 SWS)

As above


ERASMUS-Coordinator, Institute: Dr. Ulrich Harlass

ERASMUS-Coordinator Faculty 9: Dr. Martina Grimmig

Contact at the International Office: Barbara Hasenmüller

General Information on ERASMUS at the University Bremen