Non-confessional Religious Education

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Religion classes in Bremen schools differ fundamentally from what is known as ‘religious education’ in other federal states. In Bremen, the study of religion constitutes a common education for all pupils: it is not divided according to denomination and is interdenominational. This thematic field of the Institute’s work is responsible for the didactic training of student teachers. It focuses on the interdenominational and interreligious orientation of the study of religion in research and teaching.

Lecture Series 'Religion and Education' Summer Semester 2021


In the summer semester of 2021, the research area 'Didactics' organised the digital lecture series 'Religion and Education'. It took place on Monday evenings and registered lively participation across national borders. The digital format opened up the possibility of networking between the subject didactics of different religion classes, students and teaching staff. The fact that these encounters were on equal terms became particularly evident in the extensive discussions, which followed the presentations and in the final evaluations with the speakers in a more intimate breakout session.

The concept behind the lecture series was threefold:

1) The focus was on subject-didactical problems of particular relevance for interdenominational education as it exists in Bremen;

2) The lecture series was supported by early-career researchers;

3) The event took place digitally and thus offered the opportunity to expand participants’ individual horizons.

Here you can see the programme.

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University meets school

We want to link and relate the study of religion at the university to school practice. With this in mind, every six months we cordially invite interested teachers and students to attend various lectures that thematically introduce the mutual exchange of views and joint discussion on the topic. The focus here is on projects that link theoretical insights and their practical implementation, with a significant emphasis on teaching materials for the study of religion in Bremen. For further information (including digital participation), please see the flyer.

We look forward to seeing you at one of these events!


  • "Grundfragen religiöser Bildung" - Projektleitung: Dr. Eva Maria Kenngott

  • Marvin Döbler, Katharina Frank, Tilman Hannemann, Arendt Hindriksen, Tomoko, Ishikawa, Eva-Maria Kenngott, Gritt Klinkhammer, Jürgen Lott (Hrsg.) (2013): "Religionspädagogik zwischen religionswissenschaftlichen Ansprüchen und pädagogischen Erwartungen". Bremen: VIRR.

  • "Interkulturelle und interreligiöse Pädagogik" Projektleitung: Dr. Eva Maria Kenngott


Dr. Eva-Maria Kenngott (Head of Department)
Christoph Denker
Hanna Jacob

"Mapping Religionsiwssenschaft, vernetzen, vertiefen, sichtbar machen" dazu eine runde Karte mit Höhenlinien

Mapping Studies of Religion

Jan Krawczyk

The project ‘Mapping The Studies of Religion2 arose from a collaboration between young academics from the Universities of Bonn, Bremen and Munich, and provided the impetus for mapping the field of Studies of Religion in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It combined a digital workshop format and video interviews with central representatives to connect researchers in the field.