The University of Bremen in the Technology Park

The networking and knowledge transfer between science and business will be further pursued and developed. Here, the Technology Park with its urban location plays a key role for the regional character and development of this knowledge transfer. The Technologiepark Uni Bremen association promotes these processes and sees itself as driving force and mediator.

In order to promote sustainable mobility of the people working at the Technology Park and the university, a project has been initiated to establish a train stop for regional transport at the Technology Park.

Business Startups out of University

In times of fast-paced social transformation, Bremen’s innovation strength will be proven, among other things, by its ability to facilitate the success of as many knowledge-based business startups as possible. The University of Bremen is determined to remain among the top ten of the Stifterverband’s Startup Radar and is constantly optimizing its services for startups. Startups out of universities are particularly important cooperation partners for academia due to their intellectual affinity, providing an ideal basis for collaborative research of current societal issues.

Partnerships with the Global South – Capacity Building

In the context of our academic collaborations, we focus on selected partnerships with universities in countries of the Global South – primarily Africa – and support these partners to establish university structures, develop curricula and quality management, and train young academics.

The University of Bremen’s Commitment to Social Responsibility

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Social Commitment: Integration of Refugees

As part of its internationalization strategy, the university maintains strategic partnerships with universities around the world. It has also maintained and intensified its commitment to supporting refugees, among other things, by setting up the community office HERE AHEAD, operated by all public universities in the Bremen region. HERE advises refugees who plan to study in Bremen and Bremerhaven, and enables prospective students to gain access to Bremen’s universities by providing appropriate support programs and courses. The university is committed to facilitating university access for refugee undergraduate and graduate students as well as for established scholars.

YUFE Veranstaltung von oben

Young Universities for the Future of Europe

The Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) Alliance brings together ten young research-intensive universities – including the University of Bremen – from as many European countries and four non-academic partners. They are committed to creating the leading model of a student-centered, open and inclusive European university. In YUFE, students, executives, and staff from within and outside academia work side by side to contribute to a more equitable, diverse, and effective education system in Europe and globally.

The YUFE Alliance has set itself four focus areas: Sustainablity, European Identity and Responsibilities in a Global World, Citizens‘ Well-Being, and Digital Societies.

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Science Meets School

The University of Bremen has been promoting a close cooperation between the university and schools for many years. On the one hand, it pursues the idea of sustainability through knowledge transfer; on the other hand, sustainability topics also play a special role in the content of its programs. In the coming years, the existing programs in this area will be further developed and expanded with a focus on the specific promotion of STEM skills and interests.