ArcelorMittal Bremen and swb

ArcelorMittal Bremen und swb

Storytime with: Torsten Köhne and Reiner Blaschek

ArcelorMittal Bremen und swb
Dr. Torsten Köhne (l), Chief Executive Officer of swb; Reiner Blaschek (r), Chief Executive Officer of ArcelorMittal Bremen GmbH

WHY are ArcelorMittal Bremen, swb, and EWE actively committed to the hydrogen economy?

HERE’S WHY – Steel production by ArcelorMittal at its Bremen site today accounts for roughly 50 percent of the state of Bremen’s carbon emissions. There are plans to replace the fossil fuels at these sites with „green” hydrogen to reduce carbon emissions significantly. The site and region in the northwest of Germany offer the best conditions for producing „green” hydrogen on an industrial scale. The majority of the infrastructure needed is already available at the swb power plant in Mittelsbüren. The planned new electrolyzers will be able to supply the nearby steelworks with hydrogen. A storage cavern belonging to EWE close by will be able to be used through a hydrogen pipeline, making it the nucleus of an interregional hydrogen network.


WHY is a there a bit of the University of Bremen in the development of a hydrogen economy?

HERE’S WHY – Practical studies are needed to find out how and where „green” hydrogen is used best. The Department for Resilient Energy Systems at the University of Bremen has acquired the research funding required for this and is now studying the potential applications in this joint project.