Storytime with: Sohrab Mohammad

Sohrab Mohammad
Sohrab Mohammad, Founder and CEO

WHY is Reishunger crazy about this little grain?

HERE’S WHY: Rice is the most popular and varied staple food in the world. It comes in every color, shape, and flavor, from black, round, and sweet to white, long, and bitter. It can be used to make an endless number of tasty and healthy meals from all over the world. Western cuisine in particular is often unaware of its value. That’s why we at Reishunger have made it our mission to inspire people to get to know rice and enjoy it!

WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen in Reishunger?

HERE’S WHY: My cofounder Torben and I (Sohrab) met at the University of Bremen. We studied Engineering and Management and one day we were wondering what we should do after university. Right there on campus we pledged that we would found something together. A visit to the university cafeteria gave us a brilliant idea: over a plate of chicken fricassee, we decided that there must be a way to map the world of rice and bring it to people. We started our research and discovered dozens of types of rice – and the concept of Reishunger was born.