State Institute for School – LIS (Landesinstitut für Schule)


Storytime with: Petra Perplies-Voet

Petra Perplies-Voet, Director of the State Institute for School – LIS (Landesinstitut für Schule)

WHY did almost every educator in Bremen go to the State Institute for School – LIS (Landesinstitut für Schule)?

HERE’S WHY – As a center for excellence, the LIS is always the first port of call for educators, whether they are seeking vocational training or continuing professional development, or want to start or join a career. Each year 600 educators undergo teacher training. The “Startsprung” (starting dive) event held by the LIS supports all newly recruited educators as they start their careers. In addition, with more than 200 continuing professional development courses per year, the LIS always has something to offer even experienced teachers.


WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen at the State Institute for School – LIS (Landesinstitut für Schule)?

HERE’S WHY – The university and LIS are partners in the second phase of vocational training for educators. The master's degree lays the academic groundwork in the first phase. Teacher training at the LIS follows in the second phase, where educators focus on practical vocational training as it specifically pertains to schools. Both phases are tailored to each other; concepts and faculties dovetail neatly. The university and LIS engage in a special form of collaboration even before the second phase begins. Educators have the opportunity to do internships, which cultivates a connection with the LIS early on. When former students of these educators then start their university studies, ultimately a bit of the LIS ends up back at the University of Bremen.