Offers of advice

Bremen Service Universität

You can deal with matters of residency status etc on the campus with the branch office of the Melde- und Ausländeramt [Foreigners’ Registration Office], Bremer Service Universität (bsu).

German Academic Exchange Service [Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst]

You will find general information on studying with children on the home page of the DAAD under “Study and research in Germany”.

Autonomer Internationaler Studentenausschuss (AISA) [Autonomous International Student Committee]

The “Autonomer Internationaler Studentenausschuss (AISA)” department of the ASTA [Students’ Union] offers advice and help to foreign students.
Every thursday, 10:00 to 12:30, the AISA has its consultation-hour for international students with children (AStA-Etage, Room 2030). The AISA offers its help regarding

  • one-time-assistence after childbirth
  • refund of the Semesterticket-fee
  • donations and give away-campaigns
  • free childcare
  • possibilities to socialize, get-together, exchange and stay in touch
  • clearing up questions and sorting out problems which international students with children might have to struggle with

and for many more concerns.



0421-218 69746 for more informations or visit the AISA-Homepage.

Facilities for child care on the Campus

Facilities for childcare on campus

Uni-Kita e.V.

The Uni-Kita [day nursery] takes children aged 1-3 years of students. 

They are looked after in one of a total of six small groups. Please phone to arrange for a time to go and see them and to find out about what they offer and what the conditions of registration are.
Opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8.00 to 16.00,
Wednesday and Friday from 8.00 to 15.00.



Eileen Köne
Barbara-McClickton-Str. 1
28359 Bremen
Telephone: (++49) 421 218 69661

Other facilities for child care

Other facilities for childcare

Childminder Service

If you want to have your child looked after individually by a childminder, contact the childminder service “Pflegekinder in Bremen (PiB)”. Here you will get information free about a range of reliable certified childminders and help towards payment.


Kinderland (organised through the AStA [Students Union])

Kinderland is a day care option for students with children. 
The idea of Kinderland is based on the following:

  • children should be at least 6 months old
  • the care takers are students and mostly not professionally trained
  • Students can get up to 9 hours day care per week for one child (although the requested hours and numbers of children always exceed the time offers Kinderland has at hand --> get in touch asap before the start of the semester)
  • time slots for your child's day care will be individually negotiated on the basis of your preferred time slots and those on offer through Kinderland

If you are interested, you are welcome to come along to Kinderland and see.

Sportturm, Ebene 1, behind the gym

or write us an e-mail with your preferred times



PiB - Pflegekinder in Bremen
Bahnhofstr. 28-31
telephone: (++49) 421 958820-0
Website "PiB"