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  • 2019: Federalism in China and Russia: Story of Success and Story of Failure? with Alexander Libman, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.


Artikel in Fachzeitschriften:

  • 2019: The Political Economy of Collective Memories: Evidence from Russian Politics, with Alessandro Belmonte, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (in press)
  • 2019: The Return of the Siloviki: An Introduction, Russian Politics, 4(4): 493-498
  • 2019: Control over the Security Services in Periods of Political Uncertainty: A Comparative Study of China and Russia, with Nikolay Petrov, Russian Politics, 4(4): 546-573
  • 2016: Unter Räubern - Russland: Investitionsrisiko Unternehmensplünderungen, with Anton Kazun and Andrei Yakovlev, Osteuropa, 66(5): 95-110
  • 2015: Performance Incentives and Economic Growth: Regional Officials in Russia and China, with Vera Kulpina, Thomas Remington and Andrei Yakovlev, Eurasian Geography and Economics, 56(4): 421-445
  • 2015: At the Crossroads: Putin's Third Presidential Term and Russia's Institutions, Political Studies Review, 13(1): 59-68
  • 2015: How (Not) to Measure Russian Regional Institutions, with A. Baranov, E. Malkov, L. Polishchuk and G. Syunyaev, Russian Journal of Economics, 1(2): 154-181; Russian version published in Voprosy Ekonomiki, 87(2): 69-10
  • 2014: Corporate Raiding and the Role of the State in Russia, Post-Soviet Affairs, 30(2-3): 89-114; paper included in "The Russian Economy" (2017), a collection of "the most informative and influential works on the Russian economy", edited by Stephen Fortescue
  • 2014: Absorptive Capacity Compared: Evidence from Sectoral Data, with Letizia Montinari, Applied Econometrics and International Development, 14(2): 25-46



  • 2018: The Siloviki in Russian Politics (2018), with Andrei Soldatov, in The New Autocracy: Information, Politics, and Policy in Putin's Russia, edited by Daniel Treisman, Brookings
  • 2017: Violent Pressure on Business and the Size of the Informal Economy: Evidence from Russian Regions (2017), in The Informal Economy in Global Perspective, Polese et al. (ed.), Springer Nature


Andere Veröffentlichungen:

  • 2018: The Power of the Siloviki: Do Russia’s Security Services Control Putin, or Does He Control Them? (2018), Russian Analytical Digest, 223: 2-4