photo of Amin Ardestani
Amin Ardestani, PhD
photo of Erna Domsgen
Erna Domsgen, PhD
photo of Gita Dharmadhikari
Gita Dharmadhikari, PhD
Photo of Payal Shah
Payal Shah, PhD
photo of Zahra Azizi
Zahra Azizi, PhD
photo of Katharina Stolz
Katharina Stolz, PhD
photo of Niels Busse
Niels Busse, PhD
Photo of Ting Yua
Ting Yuan, PhD
photo of Wei He
Wei He, PhD
Photo of Durga Gorrepati
Durga Gorrepati, PhD
Karthie presents her work during Covid-times at the EASD meeting
Congratulations Karthie! PhD defense during difficult times of Covid: Karthika Annamalai, PhD
Hybrid-lecture: Blaž Lupše gives his excellent PhD talk: how PHLPP regulates mTOR-MST1 in the beta-cell
Blaž Lupše, PhD & Happy Islet Lab
photo of Fabienne Schulthess, Luan Shu, Nadine Sauter at UCLA
The Islet Inflammation Lab @ the Larry Hillblom Islet Research Center, UCLA (2005-2008): Fabienne Schulthess, PhD. Luan Shu, PhD. The BRUIN. Nadine Sauter, PhD (Foto: KM)
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