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Marine Zoology

Shelf Ice Edge, Weddell Sea

Our research

The Marine Zoology team investigates marine animals from different regions of the world's oceans. The size spectrum extends from the minute, but extremely abundant copepods (<1 mm ) to the gigantic, but rare blue whales (30 m). Ecophysiological and biochemical adaptations of marine organisms and their environment as well as ecological and energetic aspects of marine communities and food webs are in the center of interest.

Field trip to Brittany, France

Courses and study

We are engaged in teaching in the Bachelor Biology and Master Marine Biology.
For details, see the module descriptions in Bachelor Biology and Master Marine Biology and lecture course schedule.


Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Hagen
NW2 A 2113
phone +49 421 218 63030
whagenprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

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