SpaceMat 2020 speakers

Bodo Fiedler, Hamburg University of Technology TUHH

Thin-Ply Hybrid CFRP Materials for Lightweight Structures

Thin-Ply carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics are high-performance materials in applications where a low density combined with high stiffness and strength are required. A layer thickness below 60 µm characterizes them. The limiting factors to the design space of thin-ply laminates are areas with stress concentrations and impact damages. This study investigates methods to overcome these limiting factors due to hybridization with metal foils or layup change using Bouligand structures.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Bodo Fiedler is the head of the polymer Composite Institute at the Hamburg University of technology (TUHH) since 2013.

Bodo Fiedler
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