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Monday, 31 August

Title of presentation

9:30 Registration


10:00 Welcome note

Kurosch Rezwan (MAPEX speaker)
Marc Avila (MAPEX vice speaker, director of ZARM)
Lucio Colombi Ciacchi (conference chair)

10:15 Chiara Pedersoli
          member of executive board of OHB System AG

Material for space applications – Challenges and new frontiers for OHB

11:00 Dr. Christiane Heinicke
          Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity, University of Bremen

The challenges of living on Mars: from simulations towards an extraterrestrial base

11:30 Coffee Break

11:45 Prof. Bodo Fiedler
          Hamburg University of Technology TUHH

Thin-Ply Hybrid CFRP Materials for Lightweight Structures

12:15 Dr. Thomas Rohr
          Head of ESA’s Materials and Processes  Section, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Materials for Space Exploration and Settlement
12:45 Poster session
          Lunch break
13:45 Prof. Frank Kirchner
          Director of the Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Bremen
AI enabled Robotics

14:15 Prof. Stefano Curtarolo
          Duke University, North Carolina, US

There is order within disorder: approaching phase boundaries in high-entropy systems
14:45 Prof. Scott J. McCormack
         University of California, Davis, USA
In-situ Phase Equilibria and Thermal Expansion up to 3000 ˚C
15:15 discussions 
16:00 End of day 1



All times are given in CET (UTC + 1)

Tuesday, 1 September

Title of presentation

9:30 Registration


10:00 Silvio Sandrone
          Airbus Defence and Space GmbH

Building the ecosystem for space resource extraction and utilization
10:45 Prof. Loredana Santo
          University of Rome Tor Vergata. Italy
Shape Memory Polymer Composites and Cosmic Ray Shielding Materials in Space Environment
11:15 Dr. Kaline Furlan
         Hamburg University of Technology TUHH
Ceramic-based photonic materials for high-temperature applications
11:45 Coffee break 
12:00 Prof. Axel Herrmann
          Director of the FIBRE Institute, Bremen

Hybrid Sandwich Structure for passive Crash Protection in a small Landing Probe

12:30 Dr. Patric Seefeldt
          German Aerospace Center, Bremen

Artificial Solar Wind for Space Material Developments

13:00 Poster session
           Lunch break

14:00 Frederik de Wilde
          Brussels, Belgium


14:30 discussions

End of day 2 


All times are given in CET (UTC + 1)

Wednesday, 2 September

Title of presentation

9:30 Registration


10:00 Dr. Jens Laßmann
          Site Manager ArianeGroup Bremen, Germany

   Enabling Space made in Germany
10:45 Gernot Grömer
          Administrative Director of the Austrian Space Forum, Innsbruck Austria
Spacesuit Development and Testing Strategies
11:15 Coffee break 
12:00 Dr. Jonathan E. Kollmer
          Universität Duisburg-Essen
Flexible Diggers for Interacting with Granular Surfaces in Low Gravity
12:30 Prof. Giovanni Pulci
          Rome La Sapienza

Nanocomposite ablative materials for thermal shields of re-entry vehicles

13:00 Postersession
          Lunch break
14:00 Yinglu Tang
          Chair Metals for Space Exploration, TU Delft, The Netherlands
Thermoelectrics for space applications - from defect study to structural design
14:30 Lutz Mädler
          Director of the Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering (IWT), Bremen

High-throughput with particle technology for materials discovery

15:00 discussions 
End of day 3 
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