SpaceMat 2020 speakers

Dr. Jens Laßmann, Site Manager ArianeGroup Bremen

Enabling Space made in Germany

The upperstages of the European Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 launchers are built in Bremen under the prime industrial leadership of ArianeGroup. Ariane 6 is  now taking shape despite the Covid crisis while Ariane 5 succeeded its third launch of 2020 last August.  But the future is already ongoing with the preparation of  even more competitive upperstages using carbon and 3D printing and the development of the reusable and ultra-low cost engine Prometheus…

As  space is experiencing an industrial revolution, ArianeGroup GmbH highlights key updates to make European space  more competitive, more digital, and more than ever strategic for Europe to remain a true space player in the global space race.

Jens Lassmann, age 58, Head of Site Bremen and responsible for launcher environments and control in ArianeGroup. More than 25 years of experience in launcher development and exploitation. Head of project for today’s Ariane 5 upper stage. PhD  in space technology at the University of Technology, Berlin


Jens Lassmann
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