Prof. Dr. Juliane Filser

Juliane Filser

Juliane Filser studied biology at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich. For her doctoral thesis and postdoc time she worked at the GSF Institute of Soil Ecology in Neuherberg, specializing in soil zoology and ecotoxicology, particularly of heavy metals. Between 1995 and 1998 she was managing director of FAM, then Europe's largest agroecosystem research network, followed by several longer stays at the National Environmental Research Institute in Silkeborg, Denmark. In 2000 she took over the chair of general and theoretical ecology at the University of Bremen, and since 2008 she is vice director of the UFT Center for Environmental Research and Sustainable Technology. Her group's research activities cover environmental hazards, with an emphasis on soil ecology, ecological interactions and prospective assessment of potentials and risks of emerging technologies. From 2006 onwards she has concentrated on environmental risks and benign design of nanomaterials, leading various larger research networks in this field. Since about 2012, the role of soil amendments and soil fauna in carbon cycling has increasingly come into focus. Current projects deal with mixture toxicity, with special respect to pesticides and soil contamination.


General and Theoretical Ecology

Center for Environmental Research and Sustainable Technology  (UFT)
Leobener Str 6
28359 Bremen

phone: +49 421 218-63470

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