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Video 2 - Hochleistungsorganismus Boden

Basierend auf Langzeitökosystemforschung, Bodenökologie und ökologischer Theorie arbeiten wir an nachhaltigen Lösungen für eine gesunde Umwelt. Hauptarbeitsgebiete sind vorsorgende Umweltgefährdungsabschätzung, Wechselwirkungen von Primärproduzenten mit Bodentieren und deren Einfluss auf den Kohlenstoffkreislauf.

Aktuelle größere Forschungsthemen sind Kombinationswirkungen von Schadstoffen, insbesondere von Pflanzenschutzmitteln, in aquatischen und terrestrischen Systemen. Untersucht werden Wechselwirkungen mit Nanomaterialien, Düngern und Temperaturextremen.




Allgemeine und theoretische Ökologie
FB2, Zentrum für Umweltforschung und nachhaltige Technologien (UFT)

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03.01.2024: recently published:Global fine-resolution data on springtail abundance and community structure | Scientific Data (

29.08.2023: Offene Stelle:  Professor:in (w/m/d) für das Fachgebiet Tierökologie Fachbereich 2 - Biologie / Chemie  - Anhörungtermine: 20.11-22.11.2023

22.08.2023: recently published: Extracting DNA from soil or directly from isolated nematodes indicate dissimilar community structure for Europe-wide forest soils

27.04.2023: Campuspreis
Henry Spencer Badet IV was one of the nominees for the "Campus Award". The "Campus Preis - Forschen für nachhaltige Zukunft" is awarded by the university's trust foundation "Kellner & Stoll Stiftung für Klima und Umwelt". Spencer (Picture: in white shirt in the middle) had completed his Master Thesis on "Soil properties and microbial activity in three different farming systems on gleysols in northwestern Germany" in our group in 2022.

09.02.2023: Warburg!
Another long-term project was finished today: the showcase with our oldtimer, the Warburg apparatus dating back from the first years of the university. Former technician Ute Uebers came to help with the details, and from now on the instrument decorates the entrance of the UFT building.

08.02.2023: Global Collembola
It's been a long way, and today finally we're happy to share this article:

30.01.2023: On February 2, 2023 Juliane Filser will be one of the panelists in this online event on women in Science:

05.12.2022: UPSI! Hardworking Antje Siol managed to acquire yet another research project, dealing with indoor pollution by persistent substances - Forschung - Universität Bremen (

21.11.2022: Recently published: Urbanization decreases species richness, and increases abundance in dry climates whereas decreases in wet climates: A global meta-analysis

14.11.2022: New topics for BSc/MSc research projects and theses! - OFFENE THEMEN - Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten - Universität Bremen (

20.10.2022: Recently published: Global distribution of soil fauna functional groups and their estimated litter consumption across biomes

17.10.2022:  Global Soil Fauna
A lot of underground feeding in temperate grasslands revealed our new review, a follow-up of the KEYSOM project:

20.09.2022: Recently published: Clay Types Modulate the Toxicity of Low Concentrated Copper Oxide Nanoparticles Toward Springtails in Artificial Test Soils

01.09.2022: Today Dr. Borbála Szabo from the Institute of Ecology and Botany at the Centre for Ecological Research in Budapest, Hungary, joined our group. In the next two years she will study "Extreme climate events modifying the effects of pesticides on Folsomia candida (Collembola)" - a research fellowship financed by the Alexander von Humboldt foundation and ideally complementing our ongoing research. Good success, and a very warm welcome!

27.08.2022: „Der Boden ist ein ganz natürlicher Filter für Schadstoffe fast aller Art“, sagt Prof. Dr. Juliane Filser - Grundwasserverunreinigung: Diese Rolle spielen Böden bei der Sanierung (

27.06.2022: Böden in Gefahr - Politik muss handeln! -

17.06.2022: Congratulations - today Jonas Fischer successfully defended his defence! We are proud and happy for him!

30.05.2022: up2date. Das Onlinemagazin der Universtiät Bremen„Wir müssen dringend umdenken – und zwar jetzt!“ [Forschung] / up2date – Das Onlinemagazin der Universität Bremen – University of Bremen Online Magazine (

31.03.2022: Recently published: Artenvielfalt-Konferenz ohne Einigung – Biologin warnt vor Ausbreitung von Viren (

08.02.2022: Congratulations - today Laura Schnee successfully defended her defence! We are proud and happy that she took up a postdoc position in Christian Mikutta's groupat Leibniz University Hannover - already in January.

07.02.2022: Potential postdoc for Global Collembola, Leipzig. Deadline February 28, 2022  - Humbolt Foundation

01.02.2022: Today Sven Gladow joined our group. In his PhD project he will study multiple stress in soils in relation to copper-based agrochemicals. Welcome, and good success!

26.01.2022: 12 doctoral research positions on land-water interactions at the iES in Landau (University of Koblenz-Landau).

29.12.2021: Recently published:Changes in thePhysico-Chemical Properties ofDegraded Soils in Response to theReviTec Approach Applied at Gawel(Far-North Cameroon). 10.3390/su14010324

20.12.2021: Master-/Bachelor-Thesis/Hiwi-Job - UBA Project

01.12.2021: Today Sonja Faetsch joined our group. Together with Moira she will take over Yvonne's tasks within the project ALBINA.

01.12.2021: Recently published: Comparative Experimental Effects of Intercropping andCypermethrin on Insect Pest Infestation and Yield of Maize,Cowpea and Okra in Two Cameroonian Agro-Ecological Zones

15.11.2021: Dr. Yvonne Sakka has taken up a new challenge after many years with us. Thank you so much for all your excellent work, in particular for your invaluable and selfless support during hard times in 2020. We will miss you badly. All the very best for your future!!!

10.11.2021: Buch: Warnsignal Klima: Boden & LandnutzungIntensive Landwirtschaft und Bodendegradation, Juliane Filser

09.11.2021:Stellenausschreibung Uni Würzburg

21.10.2021: Recently published:Celebrating the work of Early Career Researchers in Soil Science: European Journal of Soil Science.Laura Schnee also speaks in the accompanying video from an online meeting organised by the British Society for Soil Science.

15.10.2021: We are pleased to announce the start of a new project "Mixtox" financed by UBA, the German Federal Environmental Agency. During the next three years we will develop a procedure that allows including potential mixture toxicity effects of contaminants when evaluating contaminated soils.

21.09.2021: Now on YouTube - Public Talk by Juliane Filser in Bremen's "House of Science" (Video 2 - in German)

06.09.2021: Recently published:Potential of the Red Alga Dixoniella grisea for the Production of Additives for Lubricants

01.08.2021: We welcome Prof. Adriano Sofo from the University of Basilicata, Italy. Financed by DAAD, he will stay with us for two months to continue our cooperation on soil organic matter dynamics in relation to soil management, a follow-up of the COST Action KEYSOM.

15.07.2021: Today our new PhD student Jonas Nelles from RWTH Aachen started his PhD project entitled "Biodiversity under stress: the pitfalls of chemical mixtures in a changing environment". A warm welcome, and good success!

28.04.2021: Recently published: Ion compositions in artificial media control the impact of humic acid on colloidal behaviour, dissolution and speciation of CuO-NP

23.04.2021: Nanoparticles, Wastewater and Agriculture - BBC Interview with Juliane Filser will be online on April 23, 2021 from 21:32 onwards (last 5 minutes)

31.03.2021: Recently published: Use of Deep Learning for structural analysis of CT-images of soil samples - Royal Society Open Science

03.02.2021: Recently published: Bypass and hyperbole in soil science: A perspective from the next generation of soil scientists

13.01.2021: Recently published: Identification and Speciation of Nanoscale Silver in Complex Solid Matrices by Sequential Extraction Coupled with Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry                    

05.12.2020: December 05, 2020 is World Soil Day!

25.11.2020:  Recently published: Soil properties can evoke toxicity of copper oxide nanoparticles towards springtails at low concentrations