BreLAB Jour Fixe

BreLAB Jour Fixe

Das BreLAB Jour Fixe findet üblicherweise während der Semesterzeiten monatlich als digitale Veranstaltung über Zoom statt. Bei Interesse wenden Sie sich bitte an Jonathan Meinecke.

Sommersemester 2024

Referent: Dr. Olexandr Nikolaychuk, Universität Bremen

Thema: I win it’s fair, you win it’s not. Selective heeding of merit in ambiguous settings

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Wintersemester 23/24

Referentin: Negin Javaheri, Universität Bremen

Thema: Nudging dietary decisions with the Nutri-Score- an fMRI study

Referent: Maximilian Kuntze, Universität Vechta

Thema: Efficiency Concerns and the Preference for the Leadership Position

Referent 1: Prof. Dr. Markus Tepe, Universität Bremen

Thema: The causal effect of public sector culture and collaborative cheating. Experimental evidence from civil servants in the UK.

Referent 2: Dr. Marten Laudi, Universität  Bremen

Thema: Algorithm Aversion and Investor Behavior

Referentin: Yongping Bao, Universität Bremen

Thema: The Effect of Communication and Noise on Strategic Uncertainty in the Indefinitely Repeated Prisoners’ Dilemma

Sommersemester 2023

Referentin: Dr. Katharina Klug, Universität Bremen

Thema: When do we design good work for others? An experimental approach to situational antecedents of individual work design decisions and their underlying mechanisms

Referent: Prof. Dr. Gerald Eisenkopf, Universität Vechta

Thema: How groups shape competitive behavior

Referentin: Melanie Dunger, Universität Bremen
Thema: Gender Differences in Bribery – Does closeness matter?

Referent: Dr. Julian Decius, Universität Bremen
Thema: How does the use of ChatGPT influence work-related learning?

Für weitere Informationen oder bei Rückfragen wenden Sie sich gerne an die Organisator:innen des BreLAB Jour Fixe: Prof. Dr. Vera Hagemann, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Fehrler oder Jonathan Meinecke.

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