Doctoral Supervision: Methods and Tools

Date: 20. + 21.02.2024
Time: 09:00 - 15:00
Venue: SFG 1040
Trainer: Gitte Wichmann-Hansen (PhD), Aarhus


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Doctoral supervision is a key activity in an academic career, and PhD candidates carry out a substantial part of the research at University of Bremen. As supervisors, you play a significant role in helping PhD candidates to realize their full potential and develop into competent, independent researchers that generate high-level scientific results.


The purpose of this course is to expand supervisors’ repertoire of concrete hands-on tool and strategies to make supervision a professional, effective, and enjoyable process. The purpose is also to create a safe space for supervisors to reflect on their role and to exchange experiences with other supervisors.

Learning outcome

At the end of the seminar, you can:

  • align expectations with PhD candidates early and regularly regarding roles, time plans, and outcomes of the project,
  • balance conflicting needs, e.g., between support and structure, between product and process, and between being private and professional,
  • provide constructive text feedback,
  • encourage PhD candidates’ independence and ownership of their projects,
  • apply questioning and listening skills to ensure progression and efficiency in supervision meetings,
  • assist PhD candidates in project planning and support their progress
  • manage potential crises in the candidates’ research journey

The teaching form is highly interactive based on a combination of group work, exercises, plenary discussions, and lectures. The course is offered in English.
Please note that you are asked to prepare before the first workshop day, but you only need to allot approx. 15 minutes. It is a very brief exercise.


This workshop is a cooperation between BYRD and the Human Ressources Development. Please register here.


Trainer: Gitte Wichmann-Hansen (PhD)

Dr. Gitte Wichmann-Hansen is a Senior researcher at Aarhus University, Denmark, and owner of the consultancy “Academic Supervision” that offers high quality professional training of research supervisors. She is an established publishing researcher within the field of supervision, and she has  20+ years of experience with running supervisor development programs at European Universities at all levels from Bachelor supervision to PhD supervision.

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