Our gender and diversity-sensitive services for equal opportunities in academia

Are you looking for advice on the topics of gender equality and diversity – but are still unsure which offer is matching to your demands? On this page, you will find an overview of the various services we offer as the Equal Opportunities Office and Diversity Office.

Our services include programs aimed at gender and diversity-oriented personnel development. We focus in particular on female scientists who are in the qualification phase. If you are a doctoral candidate, postdoc or junior professor, you are welcome to take advantage of our formats such as mentoring, workshops, ongoing groups and counseling. If you are responsible for female early career researchers as professor, group leader or otherwise as executive staff, please get back to our expertise in designing a gender- and diversity-oriented working environment.

We also offer advice on various topics relating to gender equality and diversity. Our focus is on topics such as the compatibility of care responsibilities with the academic life of a student, administration or scientific staff member of the university, internationality, gender and diversity-competent personnel selection and particular consulting for research networks. If you as a university member are planning a specific measure in your department, your project or your working group, we can support you with our expertise – be it through our own or with a conceptual development of demand-based formats or in the sense of strategic-structural consulting for your organization.

We offer a wide range of services on equal opportunities and diversity matters. If you are interested in or have questions about our offers, please contact Anneliese Niehoff at anneliese.niehoffprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de.

We are always on the lookout for trainers and speakers who would like to complement our expertise and organize workshops and lectures in agreement with us. If you are interested in collaborating with our Equal Opportunities Office and Diversity Office, please also contact Anneliese Niehoff (anneliese.niehoffprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de).

Public Call for Expressions of Interest: Trainers and Speakers Wanted for Our Programs

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BIG (Bridge Between Internationalization and Gender)

BIG (Bridge Between Internationalization and Gender) builds bridges between gender politics and internationalization processes at the University of Bremen.

BIG would like to contribute making the various offers and funding structures of the university more accessible and needs based for international scientists - especially for Women of Color (WoC) and all women*. New spaces in the real and virtual world should also contribute to the visibility of international women scientists*, promote their networking and mutual support.

plan m - Mentoring in Science

The "plan m – Mentoring in Science" program offers women doctoral and post-doctoral researchers the opportunity to plan the next steps of their career. Together with mentors, trainers and in the mentee group they will get to know the key areas of academic career management and develop important action strategies. A key focus of the program is on recognizing, strengthening and making visible various realities of life within the scientific community.

plan m – mentoring programs are offered in German language

Gender Consulting

The University of Bremen pursues the primary objective of gender equity in its research funding. Just like the German Research Foundation (DFG), it is committed to equal opportunities for researchers. Proposal concepts that integrate equal opportunities professionally and consistently have a higher prospect of success with the DFG. The Equal Opportunities Office offers applicants and spokespersons of research networks professional advice and support throughout the entire process.

perspektive promotion

perspektive promotionprovides continuous and needs-based support for (prospective) female doctoral researchersby workshops, courses and individual counselling. The focus is on gender and diversity-related aspects with regard to the doctoral process.

navigare - Career Coaching

The navigare career coaching program addresses women* early and mid-career researchers considering an international career in science. The program is designed to prepare participants to position themselves for a (further) career in academia. They will acquire central competencies for their career management in an international academic context. The science system itself and its gender-specific demands will play an important role.

go d!verse - Gender and diversity competent academic employee selection

The University of Bremen aims to reduce discrimination in employee selection processes and to increase the diversity of its academic personnel. To achieve this, leadership and decision makers require knowledge and skills in questions on gender and diversity. The project go diverse offers trainings, consultations and information to all academic and administrative staff who carry out employee selection processes at the University of Bremen.