Bridge between Internationalisation and Gender

BIG (Bridge Between Internationalization and Gender) builds bridges between gender politics and internationalization processes at the University of Bremen.

BIG would like to contribute making the various offers and funding structures of the university more accessible and needs based for international scientists - especially for Women of Color (WOC) and women*. New spaces in the real and virtual world should also contribute to the visibility of international women scientists*, promote their networking and mutual support.



BIG organizes events at the interface of gender politics and internationalization, provides information, raises awareness and stimulates discussions. Events and interventions contribute to illuminate the specific work and everyday situation of international scientists*, make them visible with their scientific work and address the relationship between internationalization, gender, race and diversity policies. This allows the interface between gender and internationalization to be explored and made accessible.


BIG supports the formation of networks of international scientists* (especially WoC and women*), brings existing networks together and promotes the exchange of those who develop programs and strategies in internationalization, gender politics or research funding. In this way, BIG brings together everyone who deals with the interwoven topics of gender relations, racism and internationalization.


BIG accompanies international scientists* (especially WoC and women*) on questions that go beyond their own scientific work. BIG wants to be a contact point and provide qualified advice. BIG offers specific workshops or individual modules from Managing everyday life and Micro-climates at the workplace to Networking in the German academic system and Future career planning, particularly in cooperation with the staff development programs of the Equal Opportunities Office.



Dr. Saumya Pant

Email: saumya.pantprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Tel: (0421) 218-60187

Building: Unicom 2, Haus Oxford

Room: 2.1110


Mobile Space

To rent the Mobile Space follow the underlying link.

The "mobile space" is a functional artwork developed together with artist Veronica Andres, to address mobility, which is an essential part of international scientist’s lives.

BIG relies on a participatory approach, sustainable, continuous communication and an understanding of intersectional gender politics.

We also use the diverse networks and meeting places to develop quality standards further for gender-sensitive personnel development.

BIG started as a pilot project in autumn 2022. Visit our website more often to find out how the bridge building between internationalization and gender politics is progressing and what we can specifically offer you.