Taktile Symbole für Notifikationen in hochmobilen Szenarien

PhD-thesis of Sebastian Feige (2010)

Today, output of mobile devices is primarily visual or auditive. However, this is not suitable in all usage contexts. External stimuli and concurrent tasks can hinder the perception of the presented information. A possible alternative are signals to be received over the skin. These can be designed to transmit tactile symbols, which represent semantic concepts. This dissertation examines the suitability of tactile symbols for notifications in truly mobile scenarios. The requirements for an according output interface are developed and the concept of a wrist-worn device is presented. The analysis of prior work reveals questions that have so far not been answered. These questions are treated in several experiments, employing a prototypical tactile output device. Results show that the tactile symbols were perceived even during typical mobile activities in real life outdoor environments. Most participants were able to learn the meaning of specific symbols in a short time span. They could further reliably remember them a week later. Moreover, tactile symbols can be designed in such a manner that their perception corresponds with specific feelings. Participants rated the presented approach as useful and not annoying for notifications in truly mobile scenarios. In sum, the experimental results expose the potential of tactile symbols for many mobile applications.

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