Past Festivals

Summerfestival 2018

  • The Summerfestival

    Many families were there to join us in making Summerfest 2018 a wonderful experience.

  • Can Throwing

    The children could throw cans...

  • Bubbles

    play with bubbles...

  • Chalk

    or get creativ with chalk.

  • Exchange

    And the parents were also able to exchange ideas with each other.

Summerfestival 2017

  • Fun and Music

    We celebrated the summer festival 2017 with fun and music and are thankful for all who were there.

  • Watergames

    Due to the good weather, the children could play extensively with water.

  • More water!

    The watergames was high in demand!

  • Children's face painting

    Also children's face painting could not be missing.

  • Motion games

    There was something for everyone!

  • Making music

    The children were also able to try out the instruments.

  • Exchange

    The summer festival was a great opportunity for good conversation, fun and sharing experiences with each other.

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