CRC 1232 Integrated Research Training Group

  • Das Graduiertenkolleg bei der Klausurtagung des SFB 1232 im September 2019

    Integrated Research Training Group

    Our postgraduates at the conference in September 2018.

Integrated Research Training Group

The integrated research training group of the CRC 1232 aimed at a structured promotion of PhD students, their project work, continuous exchange between the projects as well as achieving international visibility by individual and selective activities. The focus of the CRC activities was on the assurance of high-level dissertations as well as on the soft skill and technical qualification of PhD for upcoming career steps in science and industry. This was to be achieved with the support of established institutions at the University of Bremen and the synergetic cooperation with existing structures of the faculties.



Film serials "Im Profil"

What it is like to work in a CRC (English subtitels)

Ilya Bobrov, TP D01

Ingmar Bösing, TP D03

Tobias Czotscher, TP D02

Shohag Hussain, TP S01

Saeedeh Imani, TP U01

Mareike Picklum, TP P01

Christina Plump, TP P02

Heike Sonnenberg, TP D01

Arne Thomann, TP S04

Anastasiya Tönjes, TP U03

Konstantin Vetter, TP U02

Nicole Wielki, TP U04





Meetings of the Graduates


Main Topic

18.02.2020Workshop "Highlights of  projects"
10.12.2019Debriefing High Troughput Week
18.-21.11.2019High Troughput Week
15.10.2019Preperation High Troughput Week
20.08.2019Structures for Reporting and Application
17.07.2019Introduction and Preperation High Troughput Week
18.06.2019Cooperation in the 2nd Phase
15.05.2019Development Programm "High Troughput Week"
16.04.2019Exchange Platform SFB - "Forum" 
12.03.2019Sample Geometries of the Future
26.02.2019Discussion of Ideas for Exchange Platform SFB (Wiki?)
19.02.2019Discussion of Ideas for Exchange Platform SFB (Wiki?)
16.01.2019Open Discussion and Introduction of Project Areas
19.12.2018Year and Closing Meeting
14.11.2018Development of Methods
10.10.2018Transfer of Machine Data into Database II P01/P02 
08.08.2018Predicitor Function P01
11.07.2018Heuristic, Statistical and Analytical Testplanning P02
11.04.2018Problem-oriented Integration of Measurement Data P01
28.03.2018Analysis and Evaluation of Data, Transfer of Machine Data into Database I
14.03.2018Analysis and Evaluation of Data, Transfer of Machine Data into Database I
25.01.2018Introduction of Machining S04
08.11.2017Introduction of Termal Management S03
11.10.2017Introduction of Hardness Measurements D02
13.09.2017Presentation Techniques and Poster Presentation
19.08.2017Introduction of Electro-chemical Canalysis D03
20.07.2017Mechanical-physical Measuring Methods, XRD and Micromagnetics D01
14.06.2017Mechanical-physical Measuring Methods, Nano-Indenter Tests and Compression Tests at Spherical Samples D01
10.05.2017Introduction of Thermal and Thermomechanical Treatment
03.05.2017Introduction of Experimental Design P02
15.02.2017Introduction of Mechanical Coloring U04
11.01.2017Introduction of Rapidly Cooled Samples S01
14.12.2016Introduction in the Basics of Laser Alloying U02
09.11.2016Introduction in the Basics of Single Droplet Solidification U01