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Science Communication


Science Communication in the CRC represents the interface between the scientific projects and the common public – you!

Our goal is to illustrate the way scientists work and how they cope with their topics. Means not only talking about science and results but also to promote the understanding of the working methods.

And how is science working actually? What comes first to your mind talking about science? Do you think of Professor Hastings of Sesam Street or of Dr. Emmet Brown of “Back to the Future”?

We would like to give you a peek behind the scenes making science, the idea of “Farbige Zustände” and the “making-of” more understandable and transparent.

Communication is not an one-way road, it means both talking and listening. Do you have any questions or requests? Do not hesitate to contact us – we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Head of Science Communication:

Claudia Sobich

Tel: 0421-218-51232
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