D01 - Qualification of Material Conditions with Mechanical and Physical Measuring Methods

D01 - Physical Measuring Methods

D01 investigates the structural processes due to primary shaping and coloring mechanically by means of nano-indenter tests and compression tests at spherical samples and physically with micromagnetic and X-ray diffraction methods. In particular an in-situ X-ray diffraction measurement device will be designed and implemented to investigate the microstructural changes during compression tests of spherical samples. In order to perform micromagnetic measurements at small samples with high throughput, a Barkhausen noise eddy current microscope will be used



Prof.Dr.-Ing.habil.Brigitte Clausen
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Prof.Dr.-Ing.Hans-Werner Zoch
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associated Head

Dr.-Ing.Jérémy Epp
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Project Management

Ilya Bobrov
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Heike Sonnenberg
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