About Arne Thomann und Ilya Bobrov

We continue with our film series "Im Profil": Arne Thomann and Ilya Bobrov are the focus of the two new films and introduce their different fields of work. One of them cuts and listens carefully, the other x-rays and looks closely.

Arne Thomann (left in the picture) has a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Production Technology and deals with machining in project S04. It is not easy to machine the micro samples in the large machine, but Arne has now mastered his process very well. He has also noticed the music in the material and he is also on the trail of the connections between "process sound" and material properties. For a deeper understanding of these correlations, his musical knowledge as a guitarist and band member comes in handy.

Ilya Bobrov studied in Russia and was in the process of doing an internship at the IWT when he heard about the SFB 1232, which had just been approved at the time, and was immediately interested in a position in the D01. It was always clear to him that he wanted to work in the natural sciences. His favourite subjects, chemistry and physics, are an ideal combination for his studies and work in materials science. And even after work is over, he is still out and about in the - albeit liquid - field of materials research: he brews his own beer.

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