Joint paper from CRC members published

As an outcome of the working group "Descriptor Determination", coordinated by Dr.-Ing. Matthias Steinbacher, the Collaborative Research Center 1232 has published a large-scale joint publication in the renowned journal "High-Throughput" (MDPI).

This paper presents the descriptors developed in the first funding phase on the basis of characteristic values determined on the rolling bearing steel 100Cr6. The degree of novelty of descriptors for structural materials generated great interest at the publishing house. In "High-Throughput", texts from the fields of medicine, biology or other natural sciences are usually published, whereas material-oriented publications are a rarity.

 "With its research on high-throughput processes, the SFB is also making a name for itself beyond the boundaries of its subject area. The publication of the paper in 'High-Throughput' also attests to the success of the application of these methods in the SFB," said Matthias Steinbacher commenting on the publication.

The paper was published as OpenAccess and is available at



Deskriptoren in der Übersicht