Research focuses

Research profile

The research profile of the Chair of Global Supply Chain Management focuses on the complexities, barriers, and value creation in cross-border supply chains.

The research is largely based on expertise in assessment and evaluation problems within global supply chain decisions and in methods, tools and techniques that can be used to measure complexities, risks and performance-based decisions, especially in relation to logistics and transportation systems.

This research is empirically relevant due to market conditions resulting from increasing globalization, increased complexity, and rising logistics costs. The research is interdisciplinary and theoretically interesting as it questions the existing way spatial transaction costs are measured in theory and the role of logistics and transportation costs in these measurements.

The professorship is focusing strongly on collaborative research with businesses, governments, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders in order to create multiple benefits for theory, practice and policy making.


The professorship's vision for future research priorities at the University of Bremen focuses on the following four theoretically relevant areas:

  • Complexity, risk and performance assessment approaches in global supply chains
  • Information and transportation technologies for global supply chain management
  • Global supply chain operations strategy and structure
  • Sustainability, ethics and due diligence for global supply chains