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Professorship for Global Supply Chain Management


Prof. Aseem Kinra in collaboration with researchers from the University of Southern Denmark, and the Copenhagen Business School aim to support companies in building resilient supply chains, as part of a new international research project funded by the Danish Industry Foundation. The current COVID-19 pandemic has shown how vulnerable global supply chains of manufacturing companies are to high impact low frequency events. The goal is to enable affected companies to deal with unexpected events such as pandemics, natural disasters or cyber-attacks and to restore the performance of supply chains by means of tangible tools and methods.

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Prof. Kinra on the importance of the Suez Canal for the German and European economy and alternative freight routes.

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Prof. Kinra, along with colleagues from WCTRS, is introducing a new licensing program in supply chain management and transportation.
The licensing program includes the Supply Chain Management Analyst Program, as well as the Transportation Analyst Program.

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The WCTRS is one of the largest societies within transport research with representatives in 67 countries. The positions extend the reach of the University of Bremen by providing a strong platform for researchers and educators from around the world to exchange knowledge on important transport and logistics related topics from a German perspective. With this new role, the professorship aims to initiate new opportunities within transport research in the Bremen region and in Germany. Prof. Kinra will also co-chair the SIG (Special Interest Group) B1- Logistics and Freight Transport Operations on Supply Chain Management in the future.

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We would like to invite you to join our special session on AI for Resilience in Global Supply Chain Networks in the Context of Pandemic Disruption at APMS 2021, taking place in Nantes, September 5-9.

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The Chair of Global Supply Chain Management has developed digital concepts for the courses offered in light of the ongoing COVID19 situation. The courses in this semester will therefore be held in digital form (online seminars).


Open student assistant position

We are looking for a student assistant to accompany and support research, teaching and administrative tasks.
Employment period: from 01.08.2021 for a period of 6 months. Extension desired.
Working hours: 10 - 20 hours per week, depending on availability.

For further information on profile and tasks, please see the "Team" tab.

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