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    To enhance our contribution to research and make the results available to the public, we cooperate with different actor of theory and practice.

You are interested in a collaboration? We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Anna Kehl, M.Sc.

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The goal of the Chair of International Management and Governance is to promote research as well as advance research and teaching in the area of International Business. After publishing numerous articles in the most relevant journals as well as in one of the most cited books in International Business, Prof. Dr. Sarianna M. Lundan garnered a strong reputation within the research community. Not least through the editorial work for the Journal of International Business Policy and the appointment as Research Fellow of the Academy of International Business, was this position confirmed once again. The IMG focuses above all on research cooperation which is demonstrated through networking with other leading scientists and institutions in the field. Nonetheless, the transfer of research results and the development of practical implications for companies are of great relevance for our chair. In addition, the communication of content within the framework of teaching is an important part of our work, whereby the continuous further development of content and concepts takes place in exchange with other research institutions. Therefore, Prof. Lundan and her staff are open to all kinds of cooperation as long as they meet their own quality standards as well as the necessary due diligence required from research.

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Research Cooperations

The IMG has strong connections in the research community and we works closely together with other research institutions in the field of International Business.

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University Cooperations

The chair is connected with other universities and business schools to promote synergetic cooperation and advance research together with other teaching institutions.