Research Events

Guest Lecture Series

The Chair of International Management and Governance and the Konfuzius-Institut Bremen are presenting you guest lectures on Chinese Investments in Germany: Development, Opportunities and Challenges.

November 13, 2018:  Prof. Dr. Markus Taube (Universität Duisburg-Essen) - "Boon or Bane? Micro- and Macro-Perspectives on Chinese Investments in Germany"

Januar 23, 2019:        Dr. Margot Schüller (GIGA - German Institute of Global and Area Studies) - "China’s Rise as a Global Science and Technology Power – Implications for Germany"

Januar 23, 2019:        Dr. Cora Jungbluth (Bertelsmann Stiftung) - "Challenges and Opportunities of Chinese Investments in Germany"


External research events

The members of the IMG regularly attend external research events.