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Investing in Sustainable Development

Professor Sarianna M. Lundan is a participant of the World Investment Forum, which is organized bi-annually by UNCTAD and other research institutions. The UNCTAD Academic Network on Investment convenes scholars of international business, economics, law and other relevant felds for a day-long multi-disciplinary academic conference. Coorganized in partnership with the Academy of International Business (AIB) and the Society of International Economic Law (SIEL), discussions will explore emerging trends for future research in investment and multinational enterprise. The conference event will produce a “Future Investment Research Agenda” and identify a list of opportunities for collaboration between researchers and UNCTAD’s Investment and Enterprise Division. It will centre on key themes that are expected to shape the international business and development landscape in the coming years.

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Informations on the academic conference of the World Investment Forum can be found here.

The programme of the World Investment Forum, can be found here.

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Professor Sarianna M. Lundan has been part of the supervising team which supports the World Investment Report published annually by UNCTAD.

Investment and New Industrial Policies

The WIR 2018 "Investment and Industrial Policies" focuses on the current downfall of global FDI flows and highlights the need for a "conducive global investment environment, characterized by open, transparent and non-discriminatory investment policies" (António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations). It reports the adoption of industrial development strategies by more than 100 countries and outlines options for policy-makers to stimulate investment. Thus, the report also resonates with the launch of the Journal of International Business Policy with Prof. Lundan as the editor.

More generally, the World Investment Report (WIR) provides leading-edge research and policy analysis on investment for development. The Report includes comprehensive data on investment and multinational enterprise activity, an assessment of global investment trends and policy developments, as well as a thematic section on key and emerging investment-for-development issues.

The Report is recognized as an authoritative reference source for investment-development stakeholders, including policy makers, business leaders, practitioners, academia and civil society policy advocates. Its in-depth research and policy analysis follows a multi-disciplinary approach, tapping into international economics, international business, international law and development economics. The Report’s key policy recommendations and guidelines contribute to mainstream investment policy making at the national and international level.

The dissemination of the Report is integrated into the technical assistance and capacity-building programmes to ensure that policy research and recommendations are effectively taken up by governments and the investment community at large. The Division’s technical assistance IS delivered to more than 160 countries.

The Report generates extensive global media coverage and is downloaded worldwide. Within the first six months after its launch, the WIR 2014 generated 1,700 press reports in over 90 countries and was downloaded almost 100,000 times by users IN over 200 countries and territories, including 132 developing countries.

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