Kressen Thyen


Dr. Kressen Thyen

UNICOM, Mary-Somerville-Straße 7

Room: 7.1200

Tel.: +49 421 218 58515


Kressen Thyen is a researcher in the Collaborative Research Center "Global Dynamics of Social Policy" (SFB 1342), where she is working on the current transformations in Morocco and Tunisia as part of the sub-project "Social Policy in Rural Africa". After studying social sciences at Humboldt University in Berlin and political sociology at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), she initially worked in various international contexts before completing her doctorate at Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen with an empirical thesis on legitimacy, youth protests and the role of the European Union during the 'Arab Spring'.

Before joining the University of Bremen, she was a visiting scholar at the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin and a research fellow at the GIGA Institute of Middle East Studies, where she remains an associate.

Journal articles

Thyen, Kressen; Karadag, Roy, 2021: Between Affordable Welfare and Affordable Food: Internationalized Food Subsidy Reforms in Egypt and Tunisia, in: Social Policy & Administration, online first, doi:10.1111/spol.12710

Thyen, Kressen, 2018: Managing Contention: Divergent Government Responses to Youth Protests in the Arab World, in: Middle East Law and Governance, 10 (1), S. 91 - 116, doi:10.1163/18763375-01001003

Thyen, Kressen; Gerschewski, Johannes, 2018: Legitimacy and protest under authoritarianism: explaining student mobilization in Egypt and Morocco during the Arab uprisings, in: Democratization, 25 (1), S. 38 - 57, doi:10.1080/13510347.2017.1314462

Thyen, Kressen, 2017: Promising democracy, legitimizing autocracy? Perceptions of regime democraticness among university students in Morocco, in: Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft, 11 (2), S. 325 - 347, doi:10.1007/s12286-017-0334-0


Contributions to edited volumes (peer-reviewed)


Thyen, Kressen; Schlichte, Klaus, 2022: Appropriating the Colonial State: The Emergence of Social Insurance in Tunisia and Uganda, in: Kuhlmann, Johanna; Nullmeier, Frank (Hg.), Causal Mechanisms in the Global Development of Social Policies, Global Dynamics of Social Policy, Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, S. 169 - 201, doi:10.1007/978-3-030-91088-4_6

Thyen, Kressen, 2021: Youth Activism and Political Parties, in: Cavatorta, Francesco; Storm, Lise; Resta, Valeria (Hg.), Routledge Handbook on Political Parties in the Middle East and North Africa, London & New York: Routledge, S. 231 - 242, doi:10.4324/9780429269219

Inkinen, Saara; Thyen, Kressen, 2019: Regimeperformanz und Politisches Vertrauen in Autokratien, in: Wiesner, Claudia; Harfst, Philipp (Hg.), Legitimität und Legitimation. Vergleichende Perspektiven, Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft, Wiesbaden: Springer VS, S. 315 - 346, doi:10.1007/978-3-658-26558-8



Thyen, Kressen, 2019: Tunesiens junge Demokratie: Zwischen Sozialprotesten und Strukturanpassung, GIGA Focus/2/2019, Hamburg: GIGA Gerrman Institute of Global and Area Studies, Link (Stand: 20.01.2021)

Thyen, Kressen, 2018: Why It Matters What We Do: Arab Citizens' Perceptions of the European Union after the 2011 Uprisings, GIGA Working Papers/312/2018, Hamburg: GIGA German Institute for Global and Area Studies, Link (Stand: 20.01.2021)