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  • Who applies and how?

    First semester students, please apply using our  online application

    Information about applying for a higher semester can be found here

    The online application portal opens two months before the application deadline.

  • When do I have to apply?

    The respective application deadlines can be found in the course offer and the respective admission regulations. The application deadline for advanced master applicants can also be found in the respective admission regulations.

  • When am I an advanced master applicant?

    As an advanced master applicant, you must have already earned credits of at least 10 ECTS in the applied master's degree program. Enrollment then takes place in a higher semester.

    More information can be found here.

  • What is a hardship claim?

    For admission-restricted master's programs, there is the possibility to apply for admission according to the hardship quota. Please print out the hardship application and send it to the Student Office together with the required supporting documents before the application deadline

  • Which degree programs are subject to restricted admission?

    Refer to the study program to see whether a degree program has restricted admission or not.

  • Do I always get a place in admission-free degree programs?

    If you fulfill all the criteria required in the Admission Regulations, you will receive a study place.

  • What does “Transcript of Records” mean?

    Please upload to your application an official list of the subjects and grades of your previous study achievements. A tabular CV is not enough.

  • What does CP (ECTS) mean?

    ECTS means "European Credit Transfer System". CP means "Credit Points".
    The purpose of the European Credit Transfer System is to ensure that the achievements of students in higher education institutions in the European Higher Education Area are comparable and transferable when they change from one university to another, including cross-border. This is possible through the acquisition of credit points. Credits are credit units that are acquired in higher education through performance records.
    If no ECTS is awarded at your university, please upload a list of subjects and grades from your previous studies. Your achievements so far will be evaluated accordingly by the examination board.


  • Which credentials are accepted?

    Who is allowed to provide official certification?
    outside Germany:
    Diplomatic representations of the Federal Republic of Germany
    in Germany:
    Registration offices, district administrations, municipal administrations (town hall), courts, notaries
    Schools and state colleges or universities may only certify the certificates they have issued themselves.
    Translation of the certification
    Foreign language certifications must be included in the official translation. This translation must be done by a translator officially certified in Germany or by the German Embassy.
    English-language documents do not need to be translated


  • Which health insurance certificates are accepted?

    Proof of health insurance is compulsory for students. You can only be enrolled if you have health insurance cover

  • Can I submit documents at a later date?

    You will find the different application deadlines for the master's programs in the study program. Before the application deadline, you must upload all documents in the upload area that are required according to the mandatory fields. The graded proof of successful completion of the bachelor's degree can be submitted no later than two weeks after the beginning of the master's program.

  • What happens if my application is incomplete?

    The University of Bremen does not accept incomplete applications. Incomplete applications will not be included in the application process.

  • Will I receive an acknowledgment of receipt of my application?

    After submitting the online application, the text: "Application submitted" appears. Your online application has been successfully submitted. This message is your confirmation of receipt.

  • What is the status of my application?

    You can view the status of your online application at any time.


    - "sent" = The application has been sent to the University of Bremen.

    - "Imported" = The application is being processed

    - "withdrawn"

    - "formally tested, formally suitable" = formal examination completed by the Student Office, substantive examination follows

    - "in progress by the University of Bremen" = examination completed, candidate * is admitted

    - "rejected" = The rejection notice is available online in the applicant portal

    - "Upgrading / Provisional rejection" = The rejection notice is available online in the applicant portal

    - "Your application is in the protest procedure"

    - "Procedure completed"

  • When do I receive notification?

    Please understand that we can only send notifications of the admission procedure after examination by the selection committees and examination committees has been completed. This process can take up to 8 weeks. Each application will receive an answer.

  • What are the fees for studying?

    Information about the semester fee can be found here:

    From the 15th semester of university studies within the European Union (EU) students will be charged tuition in an amount of € 500 per semester. Please use the link (only German language) for more information on tuitions and possible exemptions.

  • How do I provide proof of the required language level?

    The required language level must be proven with a certificate.

    Exception: Proof of English language levels is not required if you have obtained your higher education entrance qualification or the last degree in English.

    An overview of ways to acquire foreign language certificates can be found here:
    Language tests for applicants

    Information on ways to obtain a B2 or C1 proof in English Comparison table of international certificates
     Please be sure to receive your exam results in time!

    If you take a TOEFL test, please provide code 5740 for the University of Bremen.

    Language requirements for the German language can be found here

    English advisory Team

    Language Skills for levels A1, A2 and B1 accepted the University of Bremen academic performance. Therefore, to a Lesson duration be demonstrated in the following amounts.
    A1-proof: at least 1 year language course at school.
    A2-proof: at least 3 years education.
    B1-proof:the High School with 12 years of schooling (G8):min. 6 years teaching foreign languages continues to mind.End 11th grade,the High School with 13 years of school (G9):min. 7 years teaching foreign languages to mind. End 12th grade.
    If the conditions are not met, the evidence must by a test or a certificate to be provided.
    The C1 Level has been proven, when you hold a Bachelor with Medium of Instruction is English

    The Fremdsprachenzentrum (FZHB) [Center of Foreign Languages] at the University of Bremen offers various language certificate examinations: click

    Language certificate examinations offered by the FZHB [Center of Foreign Languages] Comparison table of international language certificates: click

    In the event that you intend to sit the TOEFL test, enter the Code 5740 for the University of Bremen.

    Here you find the Requirements for German Language:

  • Who can I contact if I have further questions?

    If your question remains unanswered, feel free to contact us.


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