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  • How do I apply for a Master's program?

    You can apply for a Master's program anytime during the application phase. We open the application portal for the respective Master's program about 6 weeks before the application deadline. You will find details of application deadlines under the individual tabs of the degree program. Please note that your application is only valid for the semester you have selected and cannot be transferred to another semester: To do this, you would have to reapply.


    You can submit your application online via our portal MOIN. To do so, click on the following link: CLICK ME


    Create an account and start the application. Students of the University of Bremen use their ZfN-Account. Select a study program and decide whether you would like to apply as a beginner (no previously earned credit points to be recognized for the desired Master's program) or as an advanced student (at least 10 CP can be recognized for the desired Master's program). Please take a look at the FAQ section “Am I a beginner or am I an advanced student?”.


  • Are my university's degrees accepted in Germany?

    Upon receipt of your online application, we will use your uploaded documents to check whether your higher education institution/university is accredited and whether your degree entitles you to enroll in the desired Master's program. If you would like to inform yourself in advance, you can visit the following websites.


    Anabin for higher education institutions/universities outside Germany

    Hochschulkompass for higher education institutions/universities within Germany

  • Is the content of my university degree suitable for the desired Master's program?

    If you are unsure whether the content of your degree program is sufficiently suitable for the chosen Master's program (e.g. subject area, program-specific requirements, minimum CPs required in individual disciplines), you can enquire about this by contacting the respective Study Center or the coordinators of the degree programs. You will find an overview on the subject pages.

  • By when do I have to apply?

    You can apply up to the end of the application deadline. You must submit your application before the end of the day (23:59:59 German time). If you have started an online application but did not send it in time, your application will not be included in the selection procedure. The application deadlines can be found under each tab of the degree program and in the respective admission regulations. Once you have started an application, you will be reminded 3 days before the application deadline that you still have to send it.

  • Am I a beginner or an advanced student?

    You can apply as a beginner, i.e. for the 1st semester in the Master's program, if you have not yet been enrolled on a Master's program and your first degree has already been completed or will soon be completed.

    You can apply as an advanced student, i.e. for enrollment in a higher semester in the Master's program, if you have already earned at least 10 CP in the Master's program for which you are applying.

    Please note that in the case of admission-restricted subjects you must provide proof of having already earned 10 CP in by the time you apply. For study programs that are not subject to restricted admission, you must provide evidence of this by 30.09. (winter semester) or 31.03. (summer semester). You can check whether there is an admission restriction by clicking on the tab of the degree program.

  • Which documents do I have to upload/provide at the time of application?

    At the time of application, you must in all cases provide a current overview of grades and course work (study schedule/transcript of records) and, if already available, proof of having been awarded your degree.


    Make sure that this is supported by evidence issued by your university. Self-generated overviews or non-certified printouts from your student system will not be accepted.


    If you have not yet been awarded your degree, you must provide proof of having earned a minimum number of CPs; this can vary from Master's program to Master's program. Please refer to the current admission regulations for the number of CPs required. Furthermore, you must upload a current CV.


    Depending on the Master's program in question, further proof may be required. This could include, for example, a letter of motivation, letter of recommendation or language certificates. Be sure to check the current admission regulations of the respective study programs to find out which documents have to be uploaded when applying.

  • What's a hardship petition?

    Upon application, admission on grounds of hardship is granted to applicants for whom non-admission to a degree program with restricted admission would mean exceptional hardship.

    For special hardship cases, 5% of the study places at the University of Bremen are reserved for Master's degree programs in general and 3% for Master's programs in Business Studies. A recognised case of hardship can lead to preferential admission.


    You can submit your hardship application in the MOIN online application portal separately from your Master's application. It is processed exclusively by the Student Office and is not forwarded to the selection committees. In addition, you upload the relevant documents for the hardship application in the online application. Please note that hardship applications and supporting documents submitted on paper cannot be considered. The hardship application must be submitted by the end of the application period.


    All further information is available here: CLICK ME

  • How do I register with MOIN?

    Internal applicants who already have a STUD IP account only log in with the first part of their university email address (without “”) and the corresponding password. There is no need to create a new user account.


    External applicants who do not yet have an account STUD IP account must create a new user account via the application portal MOIN. The password will be sent to the e-mail address provided. Please note that the confirmation mail can take up to 3 hours.


    If registration is still not possible, please contact us directly by e-mail at Please provide the following data:

    First name

    Family name

    Username in the MOIN portal

    Date of birth

  • What happens after I send my application?

    After submitting your application, you will receive a corresponding confirmation. Following the application deadline for the respective Master's program, the applications will undergo a preliminary examination for correctness and then forwarded to the selection committees for final evaluation.

    As soon as we have the results of the selection committee, you will be informed whether your application has been successful or not. Please note that the preliminary examination of applications and the selection procedure will take some time (usually 6-8 weeks after the closing date).

    You can check the status of your application online at any time.

  • I can no longer log in to MOIN. What can I do?

    If you have entered the wrong password several times or have forgotten your password, please email us at


    Please provide the following data:

    First name

    Family name

    Applicant number

    Username in the MOIN portal

    Date of birth


    We will then reset your password and send you a temporary password, which you must change again after the next login.

  • I already sent my application but made a mistake. What can I do?

    If you have already submitted your application and find that you have made a mistake or forgot to upload a document, please email us at:
    We are able to reopen your application up to five days before the closing date for applications for the degree program in question. After you have made the necessary changes, you must send the application back to us so that it can be included in the selection process.

    If there are less than five days remaining until the closing date, we will no longer be able to reopen your application.

    The e-mail you send requesting that your application be reopened must contain the following information:

    First name

    Family name

    Applicant number

    Username in the MOIN portal

    Date of birth


    You will receive confirmation from us that your application has been reopened and a reminder that you must resubmit your application before the application deadline.

  • I have been granted admission. How do I confirm acceptance?

    You confirm acceptance of the place you have been offered by paying the semester fee. For degree programs with restricted admission, the money must have been received by the specified deadline. If you have missed the payment deadline for an open-admission program, please contact the Office for Student Affairs

    Please note that final matriculation only takes place when all requirements have been met by the deadlines fixed.

  • When do I have to send hard copies of my documents by post to the University of Bremen?

    Only after you have received admission to the Master's program do we need the documents for matriculation.

    You can only access the Notification of Admission online via the MOIN portal. As soon as it is available online, you will be notified by e-mail.

    Please note the conditions and deadlines contained in the notification. If you do not submit the documents within the specified deadline and they are not correctly certified, you will not be enrolled.


    You can only be enrolled in the Master's program of your choice if you fulfill all the requirements in due form and time.

  • I will arrive after the start of lectures. Whom can I contact?

    If you are unable to arrive until after the lectures have started (e.g. due to visa problems), please inquire directly to the Faculty in which the Master's program is embedded whether this is possible. They will be able to issue you with a certificate for later admission to the program.


    The Student Office can only confirm your enrolment if you have already submitted all the required documents by the deadline.

    Please note that, even if you start your studies at a later date, the documents required for matriculation must be submitted correctly and within the deadline fixed. If you start your studies later, you will not be entitled to submit your documents after the fixed deadline.

  • What are the requirements for certifications and translations?



    If you have had your documents certified in Germany, we will accept them from the following offices:

    Registration offices, municipal administrations, city administrations (town hall), district administrations, courts, notaries.

    State-run courses of preparatory studies (Studienkolleg) or universities may only authenticate the certificates and study schedules they have issued themselves.


    If you have something certified outside Germany, it must be authenticated by a diplomatic representation of the Federal Republic of Germany (embassy or consulate).


    If the certification was issued in a language other than German or English, it must be submitted in translation. This can be done by a translator officially sworn in in Germany or by a diplomatic representation of the Federal Republic of Germany (embassy/consulate).


    Documents that have been certified outside Germany and have not been authenticated by a diplomatic representation of the Federal Republic of Germany (embassy or consulate) will not be accepted.




  • What happens if it turns out that I do not meet the admission requirements?

    After we have received your application, we will check it. If, for example, you have not provided sufficient proof of course work, have obtained your degree at a higher education institution/university that is not accredited or do not fulfill some other mandatory requirement according to the admission regulations, your application will not be included in the selection procedure. You will then receive notification of the grounds upon which it was rejected.

    - "Your application is in the protest procedure"

    - "Procedure completed"

  • What fees will I have to pay as a student?

    Each semester you have to pay the semester fee (Semesterbeitrag). The deadlines, the amount and information on the scope of the services included can be found here: CLICK ME

    Please note that in addition to the semester fees, you will also incur costs for living. The following website provides information on the cost of living in Bremen and everything you need to know about student finance and scholarships: CLICK ME

  • How do I prove the required language level?

    Additional language certificates at certain levels are often required for enrolment in a Master's program. Here you can find out how to provide evidence of the corresponding levels.



    Proof of English language level via Abitur (only German high school diploma, which functions as general higher education entrance qualification):

    You can prove the levels A1, A2 and B1 in English with the German Abitur (general higher education entrance qualification). Here you will find an overview of the requirements: CLICK ME

    Level B2 can also be proven by the German Abitur. For this purpose, your Abitur certificate must explicitly state that you have reached the level B2 in English according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. If the language level is not stated on your Abitur certificate, you can ask your school to issue confirmation according to the respective state (Bundesland) law.

    If you would like to prove the required language level via your Abitur, please submit both your Abitur certificate and the official authentification of post-certification of the language level.


    Proof of foreign language skills:

    Certificates may be submitted as proof of the language level you have achieved, but the English language level C1 can only be proven by certain certificates. An overview of all recognized certificates can be found here: CLICK ME

    If you take a TOEFL test, please enter the code 5740 for the University of Bremen.


    Some language certificates may only remain valid for a certain period: This will be stated on the certificate. Otherwise, the certificate remains valid indefinitely.


    Proof of Abitur or completed studies:

    You do not have to provide a language certificate if the medium of instruction for obtaining your high school diploma or previously completed studies was solely in the required language. A certificate from the school/university is sufficient.


    Here you will find a comparison table of international certificates for different languages: CLICK ME

    Here you will find information on the recognition of English language skills: CLICK ME

    Here you can find information about required German language skills: CLICK ME


    We strongly recommend that you ensure immediately after your application that you possess all the necessary language skills and can prove them correctly. Experience has shown that neither test dates nor certificates can be obtained at short notice. Shortly before the submission deadline it may therefore become impossible to present the results on time.


    During the preliminary examination it is only possible to check language certificates that are available at the time of application. However, after you have sent your application you can send us your language certificates separately for checking. We will give you feedback as to whether they correspond to the required level. Send us an e-mail with a scan of the language certificate and the following information to


    First name

    Family name

    Applicant number

    Subject to be studied

    Username in the MOIN portal

    Date of birth


    Please understand that we can only provide you with information on whether you meet the language requirements of the University of Bremen for the Master's program you have applied for. Your application will still have to go through the selection process and may still be rejected despite the correctness of language certificates.


  • How do I provide proof of having adequate health insurance?

    The health insurance certificate is sent digitally to the University of Bremen by statutory health insurance companies. This eliminates the need for a separate letter or proof of your health insurance card.

    The notification is always sent by a statutory health insurance company and proves either that you are

    - insured with a statutory health insurance company or

    - not compulsorily insured.

    Please contact your health insurance company. If you are privately insured, please contact a statutory health insurance company of your choice.

    You will not be enrolled without a valid health insurance certificate.

    If you are already enrolled in the current pre-semester at the University of Bremen, you don‘t need any further proof.


  • When will I receive my semester documents?

    The semester documents are issued with upon enrolment.

    Enrolment can only take place only after all documents specified in the Notification of Admission have been submitted within the period specified therein.

    Without enrolment you are neither entitled to the semester documents nor can we issue certificates for other authorities.


    We will send you the semester documents by post. Make sure that we have your current address and that your name is affixed to the letterbox.

  • I have further questions. Whom can I contact?

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an e-mail to You can reach us by telephone at +49 421 218-61002 (please call outside our open consultation hours).

    The open consultation hours are:

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 9:00 to 12:00 and Wednesday from 14:00 to 16:00. You will find us on the ground floor of the administration building at the University of Bremen, Bibliothekstr. 1, 28359 Bremen.