Research perspectives

The graphic visualises the interdisciplinary combination of approaches from the fields of business administration, business informatics and entrepreneurship used in the research approach.

Digitalization is radically changing how people work and companies operate in the market. This goes hand in hand with manifold potentials like higher productivity, innovativeness, and growth. At the same time, new challenges for individuals (like demanding new work requirements) and firms (like complex transformation processes) are emerging. 

Our research group approaches the challenges of today’s highly dynamic, complex, and competitive business environment from an interdisciplinary perspective:

  • Our business perspective helps to understand how companies can digitally transform their business models, processes, and corporate culture.
  • Our psychological perspective is crucial to understand how individuals can cope with changing work requirements in the digital age.
  • Our entrepreneurship perspective helps to understand how companies and individuals can develop innovative digital business models and make them successful.
  • Our business informatics perspective is important to understand the opportunities and limitations of digital technologies.

Research area

Our research centers around the question

"How can people and companies work, interact and succeed in times of radical technological and societal change?

and addresses two central target groups: People and organizations.

People (Employees & entrepreneurs)

Digital change profoundly impacts the everyday work and life of employees and entrepreneurs alike. Our research aims to promote the satisfaction, health, and productivity of these people in times of digital change. 


Work & Creativity

We investigate the impact of technological change on human work and creativity. Research topics include:

  • Remote Work
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Teamwork (team diversity, virtual teams)


Satisfaction & Health
Our research examines satisfaction and health in times of digital change. Research topics include:

  • Mental and physical health
  • Work-life balance
  • Constant accessibility
The grapThis graphic shows the subject clusters of the people & organizational perspective.
The grapThis graphic shows the subject clusters of the people & organizational perspective.

Organization (Young & established organizations)

Digital technologies and disruptive business models revolutionize entire industries. Our research aims at successfully guiding organizations through digital change and transformation.


Strategy & Transformation

Our research investigates how companies successfully manage to keep pace with highly competitive markets and fast-moving customer requirements. Research topics include:

  • Digital leadership
  • Entrepreneurial networks and collaborations
  • HR management and leadership


Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We investigate how digital innovations are created and harnessed. Research topics include:

  • Obstacles to entrepreneurial activity
  • Success factors of digital business models
  • Digital intrapreneurship/corporate entrepreneurship