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Become a part of a leading international university. Research-based learning, participation, and diversity are all part of studying at the University of Bremen.

We offer more than 100 study programs in which you can participate in the search for answers to the questions of our time and for new knowledge and ways of understanding.

Our work is international and interdisciplinary, sustainable, and practice-oriented.

All of our study programs

Study programs and advisory services

How do I find the right study program? What degree programs does the University of Bremen offer? What's it like to study at the university? With the Central Student Advisory Service, you won't have to deal with these questions alone!

We can highly recommend the information on program orientation:

Central Student Advisory Service
Tel: 0421/218-61160

Online advisory service
via Zoom

We offer the following live program between 2 and 4 p.m.:

2 p.m.     
Courses and requirements
What can I study and how can I study at Uni Bremen? What are the entry requirements? We explain everything!   

2.30 p.m.         
Subject-specific degree programs for non-school occupational fields  
What is the difference between a single major subject, major subject, minor subject, and state examination?

3 p.m.     
Brief overview: Structure of teacher training program (elementary school, high school, inclusive education)    
What does the teacher training program at Uni Bremen entail? Which subjects can be combined? How long are the practical components?  How high are the entry requirements?  Find out everything you need to know about studying to become a teacher in Bremen. 

3.30 p.m.       
Virtual campus tour        
Join for a virtual tour of the University of Bremen's campus!

16.00 Uhr          
Ask the student Advisory Service!       
Come along and ask any questions you may have!

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Studying with disabilities

If you are a student with a physical or mental impairment, you can take advantage of a wide range of support services for university students to assist you in your day-to-day activities. The goal of the University of Bremen is to enable equal and independent participation in our courses of study and in everyday university life, and to remove any barriers in vocational training and degree studies. From advisory offices and orientation assistance on campus to learning aids and specialized spaces, here you will find all of our information about studying with disabilities summarized for you.

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Living in Bremen

A dormitory, shared apartment, your own place, or with your parents? – Of course, only you can decide where and how you want to live. The Bremen Student Services Organization and private individuals provide single apartments and rooms in shared apartments in the immediate vicinity of the campus. The rent charged depends on the part of town and the distance to the university, but for a large city, the rents are relatively low. In general, the housing options provided through the Student Services Organization are the least expensive.

Information about living in Bremen

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Student finances and jobs

To study, you need money. According to a survey by the German Student Services Organization, you should plan to spend about 820 euros per month for housing, food, books, and other everyday expenses.

But there are also many options for financing your degree program: BAföG student grants, scholarships, or student loans. And lots of students work in addition to taking courses. Work experience can also help you determine the direction of the career that you would like to embark on when you've finished your degree.

Information about financing your studies

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Application and enrollment

You can submit your application for a study program online. We explain what you have to consider in your application.

Important information about your application for a study program


Students with child(ren)

Childcare, changing tables, play facilities, a central family space for parents and children, and last, but not least, a Family Care Office for students are provided on campus to support you and your family as you pursue your course of studies.

Information for Students with children