Two young women fill in a form.

How to become a PIP member?

As a preliminary doctoral student, with the signed supervision-commitment of a professor or as an enrolled  PhD or master student in Faculty 1 of the University of Bremen you can apply for the membership in our Postgraduate International Programme.

If you are already a PhD Student at Faculty 1, please fill in the form and provide us with the following documents:

  • a short plan of your PhD thesis
  • a letter from your supervisor confirming that you belong to a certain research group, mentioning the support of your PIP membership
  • a copy of the enrollment as a PhD student (the document is issued by the examination office and can be handed in later)

How to apply for a PhD position?

If you would like to do your PhD at the Faculty 1, Physics and Electrical Engineering, the applications are to be sent to the leader of the institute which matches your scientific interest. 





A doctorate at a German university is something more than a guided study course along a predetermined lecture programme. In the main, it bears strong similarity to professional scientific work in a highly specialized research group. Accordingly, the scientific leader of the group will handpick a new doctorate student, like any new co-worker, with highest diligence, judging in particular the sound base of their scientific education and their outstanding ability to do independent work within a context of close co-operation. Formal admittance procedures must wait and are of secondary importance only.

If you are interested you first should study the research areas actively dealt with at the University of Bremen’s Physics and Electrical Engineering Department. After identifying your group of interest you should contact its scientific leader and try to convince them that you are the candidate they are looking for. You also might look for vacant positions for scientific co-workers in the group since in most cases they are intended for doctorate students.

Only then, i.e. after a mutual agreement is reached between you and your future research group, will the Postgraduate International Programme in Physics and Electrical Engineering PIP enter into action. We will help you to organize your doctorate project, with special emphasis on the situation of non-German speaking young scientists aiming to finish their doctorate within three years (or, four years, if the preparatory year is appropriate). Therefore, please mail to PIP for support and advice, but not before you have achieved resonance with the research group of your choice. This help might include ascholarship of several months to come and see and work on probation.

Entrance requirement for doctorate:

  • university degree in the core subject (preferably, or a closely related specialty)

Level required:

  • in general : M.Sc. or equivalent (Diplom, D.E.A., e.g.)
  • in exceptional circumstances: excellent B.Sc. (i.e. high level 3-4 year undergraduate course finished with thesis, an exceptional record and excellent exams; preparatory year mandatory for physics.

Deadline: None!

  • You may start your doctorate at every time of the year. The preparatory year, however, is best started in October. Be aware that visa procedures usually take a couple of months!

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