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Most of our current doctorate students earn their living through a part-time employment contract with the university that requires doing work in teaching or research.

Usually, such doctorate positions are advertised publicly, e.g. via the corresponding institute’s home page. Applications are welcome! However, the number of positions is limited and competition is strong.

Unfortunately, neither the faculty nor the university have any other regular resources for doctorate stipends at their disposal, however, with the exception of the following offer:

Special PIP funding for beginners is available to help foreign students to come and see, and study the preparatory lectures or work on probation within the research group of their prospective doctorate project, with the aim to reach the definite agreement about their doctorate project and their eventual employment on a doctorate position.

Introductory funding is available for foreign students for preparing their start into the proper doctorate project. This means you can get a PIP scholarship of several months to come and see and work on probation, before a definite agreement on your doctorate project and employment on a doctorate job position has been established. Condition is that you have chosen your research group and have them made interested in your co-operation as doctorate student. Applications to PIP funding for beginners must come from the research group, not from yourself. German students who want to start a Ph.D. do have the chance to get a PIP scholarship too. Furthermore, all our PIP members have the possibility to apply for further financial support.

Although there are no tuition fees required for the doctorate, you will have to afford about 850 EURO per month for modest living and accommodation (and that is still moderate by German standards for cities like Bremen). The largest German institution for full doctorate scholarships is the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD (