Your PhD - What next?

Post-PhD Life in Academia

Academic Positions after Graduation

All PhD students are invited to benefit from the experience of our former PhD student Dr. Maria Kyrarini in this seminar of about one hour with presentation and interaction.
After her successful graduation, Dr. Maria Kyrarini is working as an Assistant Professor at Santa Clara University in California, USA.
She will talk about the path and the importance PIP played in this process on March 2, 2023 at 11 a.m. in H3.

  • This talk aims at introducing the various academic paths after the completion of a Ph.D. and providing you with tips on how you can be successful in becoming a professor.
  • We will talk about the traditional route of becoming a professor, what is the process of securing a professorship, and also I will provide tips for successfully transitioning into post-Ph.D. life.
  • Additionally, this talk will provide insights into the importance of networking and professional development in securing a desirable career in academia.
  • A Question and Answer (Q&A) session will be held at the end of the talk.