PIP Summer School on Machine Learning 2018

Lecture room during the summer school
the participants of the summer school during a trip to universum

PIP Summer School on Machine Learning was held in University of Bremen, Germany during 24-28 September 2018. It was the second event that was initiated and organized by members of the Postgraduate International Programme in Physics and Electrical Engineering (PIP) Ilias Bougoudis and Evgenia Galytska from Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP), and Muhammad Abdul Haseeb and Maria Kyrarini from Institute of Automation (IAT).

The major focus of the Summer School was set on supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques introduced by professionals from leading universities. At the beginning, the introductory Python course was given by Dr. Andreas Hilboll (University of Bremen). Machine-learning techniques were introduced by specialists from various fields: in Materials Science by Dr. Volker Deringer (Cambridge University),  in Energy Systems by MSc Phillippe Phanivong & Dr. Elpiniki Apostolaki Iosifidou (University of California, Berkeley), and in Neuroscience by Dr. Athina Tzovara (University of California, Berkeley). All students took active participation in practical exercises, interactive sessions and group assignments.

The lectures during the last day of the Summer School, 28 September followed by the Open Discussion, which included the oral talks and poster presentations devoted to applications of Machine Learning techniques in various scientific areas, prepared by students. All abstracts from the Open Discussion are stored here.

The hard work of the participants each day was rewarded with coffee breaks during the lectures and with various social events in the evening: Movie & Pizza night, Bremen Night Walk, Universum, Roundtable in a traditional brewery and Farewell Party.

Organization Team of PIP Summer School on Machine Learning thanks participants, PIP secretary Anna Maria Piorecka-Ecken, PD Dr. Annette Ladstätter-Weißenmayer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alberto Garcia-Ortiz, Prof. Dr. Stefan Bornholdt, Prof. Jens Falta for their active contributions to the Summer School. We also thank the sponsors HELLA, Red Bull, and ABInbev for the support of the Social Events.

We also would like to encourage students to follow the official PIP webpage (http://www.pip.uni-bremen.de/start/) to be acquainted with organised events in Physics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Bremen. For further comments, suggestions, please contact the organizers or the PIP secretary directly.


Organising Committee

Bougoudis Ilias (IUP)

Galytska Evgenia (IUP)

Haseeb Muhammad Abdul (IAT)

Kyrarini Maria (IAT)