Dr. Arne Wittstock

Research Assistant

Arne Wittstock obtained his Diploma in Chemistry in 2006 at the University Bremen (Germany). His Diploma thesis was undertaken at the Krüss GmbH (Hamburg) under supervision of  Prof. Plath on the properties and wettability of powders. Afterwards, he enrolled at the University of Bremen for his PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Marcus Bäumer. During this time he spent a year at the Lawrence Livermore Nat’ Laboratory (CA, USA). His research focused on the synthesis of nanoporous gold materials and their application for gas phase catalytic reactions. He received his PhD in Mai 2010. Afterwards, Dr. Wittstock returned to the Lawrence Livermore Nat’ laboratory as a directorate post-doc. His research was focused on graphene type materials for energy related applications. In 2012 he returned to the University Bremen and joined the group of Prof. Marcus Bäumer as leader of a junior research group on novel nanoporous hybrid materials for (photo)catalytic reactions. In 2021 he joined the research group of Prof. Anne Staubitz as a research assistant.




Arne Wittstock


Dr. Arne Wittstock

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Original Research Papers:
Heterogeneous Catalysis with npAu:
Photocatalysis and Electrochemistry: npAu-Hybrid Systems