M.Sc. Sven Schultzke

Ph. D. Student

Sven was born in Kiel in 1994. After obtaining his Abitur in 2014 at the Max-Planck School, he started studying chemistry at the University of Kiel. For his bachelor thesis he analysed the organo gold(I) cross-coupling reaction to determine the optimal reaction conditions in the Staubitz group. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree in 2017, he kept on working as research assistant for the SFB 677 in the group. In 2018 he moved for an internship, funded by a DAAD scholarship, to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver combining the topic of molecular switches (research group Prof. Staubitz) with the phosphaalkenes (research group Prof. Gates). In 2019, he finished his master studies with a thesis about redshifting azobenzenes monomers in the Staubitz group. The incorporation of the developed monomers in a polymer environment for the design of “soft gripper” is the task for his doctorate.


Sven Schultzke, M.Sc.

Building UFT
Room 1070
Leobener Strasse 6
28359 Bremen, Germany
Tel. +49 421 / 218 63176
E-Mail schultzkeprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de



            S. Schultzke, N. Scheuring, P. Puylaert, M. Lehmann, A. Staubitz, Adv. Sci. 2023, 2302692.

            S. Schultzke,* M. Walther,* A. Staubitz, Molecules 2021, 26, 3916.

           *These authors contributed equally to this work.